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Morning Light

by Juliemara


The light that comes into our house during the day hours is so beautiful. I read a lot of blogs (or I use to) and look at a lot of beautiful images online. I have learned from looking and reading that a great picture starts with great light. With babies you have to have great light and a happy subject, over the past several years there were only a few Saturdays and Sundays where I was able to use that light to get great photos of Talia and Jordan when they were both happy. I took these photos myself of miss Noa, on a random Tuesday morning, I’m so happy with them and it is one of the many things I am excited to be able to do over the next few years while I stay home to be with my children and take care of my family.  I gave my job my official notice that I won’t be returning, instead I’ll take my kids to school, make them dinner and in time become a work from home mom on something of my own. Hey maybe I’ll become a baby photographer!

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Big Sisters

by Juliemara

Watching the playback of this video I really wish some one had told me the helium balloon voice was probably scaring the girls.

I don’t think they were really scared, but they were very mellow. They seamed so unsure about the whole thing. I read about how to make the experience as “normal” as possible, but I think they were just too young to really get it.
They likes looking at her, but enjoyed the gifts they for from her much more.
They said thank you for the gifts Noa gave them and told their nanny she should put her down when she picked the baby up.

I can’t believe we are really a family of five.


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Latley on Instagram

by Juliemara


I have a little Instagram problem, I love it. Maybe even obsessed. I love posting pictures of my days and reading the comments followers make. I love all the amazing things the people I follow post. Some of my favorite IGers are oh joy, bleubird, babiekins magazine, dwell studio, Kirsten Rickert and Anna Spiro. I usually post images on the days I spend with the family. Not as much when I’m working, the way I see it pictures in pjs jumping on the couch get old. Most of the posts above are from our recent trip to the gulf. More details on Destin and the amazing home we rented to come. The thing about this stage in the girls is that the pictures don’t do our days justice, it’s what the girls say and how they say it that makes us melt a little more each day. Check out the YouTube channel for recent videos.

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A week in the life

by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan have one more week of daily morning field trips before they start school in September! They are some lucky little people that have gotten to go and do all of the fun things for toddlers in atlanta. Here was all the fun they had this week.

Monday – Catch Air Sandy Springs, Ga

Tuesday – Toddler morning playgroup JCC Zaban Park

Wednesday – Toddler gymnastics JCC Zaban Park


Thursday – Bestie play date at Morgan Falls Park


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Catching up

by Juliemara

These photos were takes a few months ago, I love them so much. I shared one or two along the way but I really wanted to share all of them because they are some of my favorites I have ever taken. The dresses are hand-me-downs from my older sisters kids, hopefully there will be more little girls that get to wear them later on. Dresses like this will last forever if taken care of because little ones never get to wear them enough to wear them out. These photos make me think we have two little yentas in the making.

I love putting them in dresses now because they can wear them safety without much risk of hurting themselves because of the dress. They had a hard time wearing dresses while they were crawling because they skirt of the dress made it hard to move when it would get caught under their knees. Then when they started walking they were falling so often they would get their foot stuck in the skirt while trying to get up and end up just falling again. Now they are great walkers, and while they still fall occasionally and the skirt can sometimes make it harder to get back up, they are doing pretty good and the extra effort is worth it because they look so cute in fancy little dresses!

The black Mary Janes are now too small on them. The pearls were a baby gift from my Aunt Joan and her late husband my Uncle Harry. I miss him. Elmo goes everywhere. The purple “ball” was a new car toy for the long road trip we had just taken. Both girls were afraid of it at first. Talia got over it, Jordan is still mostly afraid of it and Talia knows it and taunts her with it. The green frog purse was a souvenir gift from the zoo their nanny got them, there is a tiger that goes with it. I’m thinking about starting to use a de-tangler in their hair after bath, any recommendations on an all natural one?

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A family photo

by Juliemara


It’s a little dark but it’s probably one of the best candid family photos I have ever been a part of. It was a great day about a month ago. My husbands family was in from overseas and his brother from the west coast. Unfortunately his sister wasn’t able to make this visit. We were spending the day at a friends home by the river, it was a sunny and beautiful spring day, not too hot, perfect really. We cooked out, fed the ducks, played in the grass and watched the water flow down the river. I’m glad the warmer weather is hear, I’m looking forward to more days spent outside watching the world go by.

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by Juliemara

Jordan on the left, Talia on the right


Talia on the left, Jordan on the right

18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twins18_month_twinsOne and a half years old.

To Talia and Jordan,

You went from being babies to kids in light years. I’m loving you as toddlers. Your Abba and I keep seeing bits of who you may grow up to be, of course it’s all speculation but it’s fun to think about how your little quirks will become part of your personalities. The most amazing thing about this age, is your new found flexibility. Being a new parent is about following a strict schedule, of meals and naps, now a days we can keep you up late and you’ll just keep going and missing a nap is no longer reason for a major meltdown. It’s making life with you guys not only exciting and fun and, dare I say,  a little more relaxed, eek. I know that one is going to come back to bite me, or so I hear about two year olds.  The scary part of this age, you can get to anything. Baby proofing is about keeping fragile and dangerous objects away from baby, all lower than two feet to the ground. Kid proofing is a whole other story. It means keeping EVERYTHING in a locked drawer or cabinet, even the upper cabinets! I don’t even leave plastic knives in the sink any more because you are every bit capable of taking your little chair or a bar stool, pushing it to where you want it and climbing right on up to get to anything your little hear desires. Scary! Speaking of climbing, you are great little climbers, up ladders like it’s nothing, stairs standing straight up, dinning room chairs. I know we are only days away from you climbing out of your bed and into ours. Which part of me is ok with because it means I get to move you into your awesome toddler beds I’ve had since before you were born. Even though your doctor says keep you in the crib, I’m not sure I can wait, I’m too excited about these beds.

Girls, I love watching you think for yourselves, good or bad, it’s fun to see your forming your own thoughts, ideas and opinions. I could watch you all day long and never get bored. Jordan,  just yesterday I watched you hide your hand behind your back when I came to see what you were up too. While I wasn’t happy that you took something that you knew you weren’t suppose to I was pretty amused that you knew well enough that you weren’t suppose to and tried to hide it from me, you didn’t see it, but I defanatley laughed.  Talia, you continue to lead the way when it comes to development milestones. You have so many words and will attempt to repeat almost everything we say. Your animal sounds are top notch! You both continue to amaze us everyday with everything you are learning each day. You follow directions in Hebrew and English,(better in Hebrew) and you two play together for longer stretches of time without a care in the world. The other day I was making dinner and you were doing play dough, next thing I knew you were under your little table together doing a puppet show for each other and giggling like crazy. These are my new favorite moments. I can’t wait to see what comes next. We love you Talia and Jordan.

Tips: I recently learned (after a year and a half of doing this) that if you wet the chalk before drawing with it, it goes on easier smoother and thicker. But it is much much harder to erase. Also, if you want 18 month olds to sit and look at you, give them a snack.

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Embrace the blur

by Juliemara






You know those beautiful picture people have of their kids. The big ones, in the fancy frame where the small child is standing in a perfect three quarter pose with socks perfectly folded and smiling just enough to look happy without it being forced. Yeah, I don’t have that picture of the girls. I have thought about taking them to a studio to get one, but the thought of spending hundreds of dollars to give up a fun Saturday or Sunday outside just doesn’t seem worth it. Sure, they are beautiful and I am sure I will regret not having taken that photo one day but hopefully one of the 10,000 pictures I do have will fill the void. What I do have are thousands of pictures of moments we have spent together.
Most are blurry moments of two little toddlers whizzing by in every direction.

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Two of a kind

by Juliemara












They understand everything we say, well almost everything. They understand more Hebrew than English. If I ask them to do something in English and they don’t do it, I’ll ask again in the little Hebrew I know and the next thing they are doing exactly as I asked.

I say Jordan give me a big hug,she runs straight into me, wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes.

When Talia finds a book she wants to read, I say want to read the book, she nods and backs up to sit in my lap so we can read the story.

It’s these little things that make me love being their mommy so much.

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by Juliemara

I missed 10/52 last week because sometimes there isn’t enough time to do it all. And I am constantly trying to remind myself that that is ok.

This project isn’t about being perfect its about learning and experimenting with my creativity in the form of photos.





I added some cute videos of the girls to Smiling Watermelons Facebook page.

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