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Three feet tall

by Juliemara








We added another mark to the vintage ruler growth chart I made last year to keep track of the girls height. This was the third mars the first was at one year old and the second at 18 months. I can’t believe how much they grew in the past six months. I knew their little legs were looking longer but a whole inch longer! The girls are both 3 feet 1/16th inch tall.
We go for their two year check up at the end of the month where we will get their official weight. When I weighed them last week they both weighed 24.6 pounds. It’s probably somewhere in the middle of what kids their age weigh.
Another year, another inch, time is racing and I am loving every minute of it. It will be fun to see when baby girl number three lands on the growth chart at the same ages.

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15 Months

by Juliemara

15 months

I had to bring it back, I was itching for those cute naked baby white couch photos. So I gt my chalk out of the draw wipe down the chalk board the girls have come to love coloring and found a fun font to use for 15 Months! In all the photos Jordan is on the left and Talia is on the right.

15 months

We went for a well visit to the Pediatrician last week here are the girls stats

Talia – 20.9 lbs, 31 inches

Jordan – 20.7 lbs, 31 inches

They were so cute at the doctors office, checking out every inch of that tiny room. And moving the little chair around to this corner, then to that one and back again. They like our doctor but weren’t too happy with the three shots they had to get. They recovered quickly though and were fine for the rest of the day.

15 months15 months15 months15 months15 months15 months

15 months15 months15 months

These days Talia and Jordan are more fun than ever they understand everything we all say in Hebrew and English! They follow directions when we say get this toy and put it over there. Or get the green ball. They have so many words already. Some are actual words and some are pseudo words (sounds that have a consistent meaning). They have words in English like Ball, no, yup (yes), bye bye and mama. They have words in Hebrew like toda (thank you), par par (butterfly) and aba (dad). Then they have the pseudo words like maimai (mayeem – water or milk), then they make sounds for some animals huv huv for dog or anything that resembles a dog, grrr for anything that looks like a bear, maaaa for a cow. And they have signals for wanting something or more of something, being all done or wanting to be all done with anything. Both girls sniff with their nose when they see a flower. Jordan’s favorite word at the moment is uh-oh, she says it consistently. She says it when something bad happens but she also says it when she does anything, sees anything, wants anything, hears anything, all day she says “uh-oh”, “ah-oh”, “ooh-oh”. And Talia had perfected “Hi”, she says it when you walk in the house, in the room or if she just hasn’t seen you in a second. The way she says it is really funny, it’s not a sweet soft high pitched “hi” it’s more like a raspy sharp, “hi”. Like she is yelling it at you, but always with a smile.

15 months

Then they have their twin babble, they talk and talk to each other in their own little language all day long. And maybe I just wanted to hear it but yesterday when Yasha and I were playing with the girls before bed time Talia wanted Jordan to come sit in the chair next to her so she patted the seat and said “Jordan”.


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12 month well baby visit

by Juliemara

I really like our pediatrician. He is so nice, really calm and personable, he knows the answers to all of our questions and he makes me believe that he truly thinks I have the cutest babies ever (which of course I believe wholeheartedly, but recognize that other may not feel quite the same, and I’m ok with it).
Wednesday the girls had their 12 month well baby visit. Talia and Jordan are both in excellent health, right on for their development pace and perfect for their body mass. Yeah!

Here are the actual stats:

Talia – Baby A
Height 28.75″ 25-50%
Weight 19lbs 25-50%

Jordan -Baby B
Height 28.15″ 15-25%
Weight 19.1 lbs 25-50%

They were being so funny in the office, running in circles around the tiny room, Jordan learned to turn the light on and off, which both thrilled her and I think scared her a little too. Talia kept pointing at the Nemo poster on the wall and saying “bubble” or what sounds like it.

The girls had to get three shots, they were not happy while it was happening but recovered really quickly.

I took the day off work since the appointment was mid day, super fun for me!

After the girls took their afternoon nap we took hem for a special treat of frozen yogurt. Talia enjoyed it 20121025-141225.jpg
but Jordan just couldn’t get it together. 20121025-160248.jpgShe finally snapped out of it afterward when we visited baby gap to see what was new.

And the doctor said that if we ever want to sleep through the night, LET THEM CRY! More on that tomorow and in weeks to come.

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9 Months Old

by Juliemara

Um, really?! Crawling, Standing, walking along the edge of the couch. Eating finger food, ALL KINDS! And worst of all drinking out of a sippy cup. What are my babies thinking trying to do more and become little people and less baby like. I mean I’ve only had them for nine months! What, next? Are they going to try to walk or something before they turn one?

9_month_babies9_month_babiesTalia, Jordan


I’m joking,  i know that my sweet happy little babies are doing all the things they are suppose to do and they are doing them so well. Talia mastered crawling about a week before Jordan, which made Jordan very frustrated, and even though it was only a few weeks ago it feels like an eternity ago that Jordan couldn’t crawl. Jordan started pulling up, mostly on me and then on the couch and toys a week or so before Talia, but now Talia has become very determined to find her balance and will pull up and fall down over and over and over. It’s really funny to see them standing, just a few months ago they couldn’t even sit them selves up, now they can go where they want and stand up to reach things, look in the mirror or out the window. They get so proud of them selves when they accomplish one of these feats and the smiles that plaster across their faces are just to die for. And in the last few days Miss Jordan learned how to clap, it is so cute.


The girls are home with the nanny during the week they go on the occasional outing here and there but for the most part they are home playing with one of their four gazillion toys. So on the weekends we LOVE getting out with the girls and going to the pool or swinging at the park, or to a restaurant for breakfast or dinner.  The girls sit in the high chair and just watching them pick up food struggle to get in into their mouths and chew it with their all but toothless mouths is such fun entertainment.

There are definitely new challenges with this age, like the amount of time it takes for these girls to eat a meal. They eat four/five times a day, each meal takes about 30-45 minutes, then they get a bottle. Between the meals and the naps it seems as though we are back in the eat, sleep, poop phase again. But at the same time the most important thing that we as parents have learned in the past nine months is that as quickly as a phase starts, it stops just as quickly and we are faced with new challenges and decisions to make on how to deal with them.

My husband and I break the bed time rules probably more often than we should because we just hate for the day to end and want to play with our sweet little babies for just a few more minutes. If the girls don’t fall asleep with in a few minutes of putting them to bed, and cry more than we are comfortable to listen to we will go and get them out of their cribs and let them play for 15 or 20 more minutes, then they usually fall right asleep when we do put them back in bed.

Happy 9 months little babies!



These white couch photo shoots have become much more difficult since the girls are more mobile now, that and the fact that their favorite game to play is jump off the couch, usually it’s into our arms, but they have not distinguished the difference between “I’ll catch you” and “stay on the couch”. So my husband has to back me up during the photo shoots to make sure that no babies face plant off the couch. HE does such a good job.


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9 month Pediatrician visit

by Juliemara

Yesterday was the girls 9 month pediatrician visit.

The girls were in a great mood at the doctors office. Playing and laughing with each other while we waited for the doctor.

The doctor was happy with their growth since their last check up. He said the were on the skinny side but it’s ok. They are definitely skinnier than most of he other babies I see their age, but the are so muscular I wouldn’t call them skinny.

Here’s how they measured up:

Baby A – Talia
Weight 16lbs 15 ozs, 25th percentile
Height 27 1/2″, 50th percentile
Head circumference 44.3cm, 50th percentile


Baby b – Jordan
Weight 16lbs 12 ozs, 25th percentile
Height 27 1/2″, 50th percentile
Head circumference 43.2cm, 50th percentile


The nurses asked questions like are they crawling-yes, are they pulling up-yes, do they understand “no” and “good bye”-well, if a big smile means they understand, sure, they completely understand.


Then the doctor told me that waking up in the middle of the night is common at this age, it won’t last forever. Great, do only three more months of 4am play sessions, and they can eat almost everything, which they mostly do, and the next milestone is that they should start talking. We can’t wait to see if their first word is in Hebrew or English!

Over all the doctor said they are doing great, they are perfect! He kept telling them that they are so cute. He even tried to eat Jordan, I don’t blame him, I suggested he start with he inside of the elbow, it’s my favorite baby part! He also noticed the girls personality differences, Jordan is our very serious girl and Talia has a funny little sense of humor.

Thankfully there were no shots at this visit, but the girls did have to get a toe prick to get blood to test their iron levels (which are fine), the girls did great, Talia cried a bit but Jordan just looked at the nurse with her “what in the world are you doing” look.

Next check up, 12 months! Crazy how time has flown by. The doctor assured me there is no cure for babies growing up. Oh well, I’m sure toddlers will be fun too.


Going to the Dr is hard work, the girls went straight to sleep at bedtime, no crying! Jordan woke up at 2:30, but all she needed was her pacifier and she went back to sleep. They both slept until 5:30. Next goal, teaching them to sleep in, at least until 6:30!


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7 months old

by Juliemara

This past weekend the babies turned 7 months old. It’s amazing to watch them grow and change. Everyday they learn something new. Lately while they have no interest in sitting up they are on a mission to get moving. In the past week they have taught themselves how to get their tushies up in the air and are rocking back and forth. For now all they do is kick their legs out behind them and belly flop. The goal of this new move is to go forward toward a toy that more than likely they just pushed out of their reach, but because of they way they push up on their hands they end up pushing themselves backward instead of forward. If we leave them on the floor unattended for a few minutes we come back to find babies who have backed themselves into opposite corners of the room or underneath the couch. Once they figure out how to move each hand or knee independently I’ve been told our lives will change in ways we never could imagine.
I know I say it every month, but how does the time go by so fast. These babies who reach for me when I come home from work, or squeeze my face to give me a big kiss, and hold their own bottles are so different from the little babies who screamed like crazy when we made them spend time on their tummy just a few months ago.
We are having so much fun with them there really are no words to describe it. So here are the new pictures.




















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What a difference six months makes

by Juliemara

One day we brought home two little babies. They were very little. Miss Talia weighed a mere 4 pounds 15 ounces, her little head was the size of a tennis ball. Jordan was 6 pounds 4 ounces, most of which was in her head, 3/4″ bigger than Talia’s. And now at six months old they have nearly tripled their weights and Miss Talia is now, not only the oldest, but she is also the biggest at 14 pounds and 12 ounces. She’s a great eater. Jordan was not far behind and is growing very well too, her six month weight is 14 pound 10 ounces. It’s hard to see in the picture how much they have grown, it just looks as though the pacifier was much bigger!


Both girls measured 25 1/2 inches long (I can’t wait until the first time they pull themselves up so I can measure their height!). They have grown 7 inches in six months! And both girls are in the 25% percentile on the standard growth charts for height and weight. They may be little but they are strong. The doctor said they have great upper body strength, which you can see by their cute little arm muscles,

and as soon as they get their little butts up in the air they will be taking off in every direction! Let the good times continue. My husband and I are having such a great time raising theses sweet precious beautiful little girls. Every day is fun and exciting and we don’t even mind that every few nights one or both of them want to wake up and hang out at four in the morning because that’s just more time we get to spend with them while they are still so small. We know it’s bad to give in to it but sometimes you just can’t help it. They are just too cute!

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6 months old, that’s half a year

by Juliemara

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A letter to my babies

by Juliemara

Today girls you are 1/2  a year old, six months you have lived. You have changed so much in these six months, I can’t begin to understand how tiny humans can go through such a huge transformation in such a short time. You no longer scream bloody murder when we change your diaper, in fact you enjoy it, like it’s another fun game we play. You eat three times as much as you did your first week alive and your are three times the size. It has been such a pleasure to have have the chance to be your mom and to get to know who you are and try to figure out who you will be, I look forward to the next six months and cherish the these past six. There are things I wanted to do for you before you were born that  wasn’t able to mostly because I was in too much pain. I have gotten to some of those things and others I have forgotten about and realized they are no longer important. I wanted to tell you the story of your birth before you turned six months, but I just haven’t had the time to write it down, I promise I will do it before your first birthday. I also want to congratulate you and say thank you for being such good little breast feeders, I am so proud of you and my self for have accomplished that, another story I will tell before you turn one. Your Abba and I have a fun first summer planned for you, you won’t remember it except from the millions of pictures we will take but we will know you loved it because your smiles say everything.

Dear Talia, My first born. You were suppose to be baby B, or so we thought, you were the whole time you were inside me. You insisted on going first and thus created a jam for both of you. You were so tiny. Your arm was the size of my index finger, the skin around it so soft and wrinkly. Your eyes blinked equally from the top and bottom. Despite being so tiny you made sure to always let everyone know exactly how you felt good and bad. You still do. You smile at everyone! Your scream with every ounce of emotion when you are unhappy, which we are quickly realizing can be because you are hungry, tired or want the toy that Jordan has. We let you get away with that now, but eventually you will not always get your way. You love to sleep with something on your face, your lovey, your blanket or your hands. Your favorite toy for a long time was the multi color orb rattle, but now you seem to love the crinkle book. You love to jump and jump and jump. In the past few days your face has started to change, I’m not sure how to describe how but you look more girly, your smile is getting bigger, your cheeks fuller I’m not sure it’s possible but I think you get sweeter everyday. I love that you are my baby, I miss you when you are sleeping, I love waking up to your cries (since you usually wake up first). Talia, your name morning dew suites you perfect, you are such a sweet gentle part of my morning, you are dramatic and beautiful. I love you. Happy 1st half birthday.

Dear Jordan, You have my initials that I had before I got married, so when you are ready for big girl jewelry, let me know and I will give you all my jewelry with my JMS monogram. You were born bright red, the color of a beet. I still don’t know why, no one at your hospital seem to be worried about it. You had the roundest fullest cheeks, you still do. You are such a sweet baby, you are calm and reserved, you go with the flow, you rarely cry. So when you do, we can’t help but jump because something must be wrong if YOU are crying.  For the longest time you were our good sleeper, sleeping all the time, sometimes hard to wake up and recently you decided you had no interest in bed time and would just cry, loud. We couldn’t help but give in, I hope you enjoyed those nights when you got to stay up late and fall asleep in your swing because we don’t plan on letting you do that often.  You are a kind baby always checking on your big sister, patting her head and reaching for her hand. You give the best baby hugs and are such a good snuggler. You love to sleep in the carrier, and I thank you for that. I love that I can wear my baby while she sleeps so peacefully, its a good feeling for a mommy. You have learned how to blow spit through your lips and love to do it, all day long, spiting all over yourself and anyone who dares to come close.  You love your feet,  you have mastered the happy baby yoga pose, they should call it the happy mommy because nothing makes me smile more.  You love stories, you are s a great listener, even if you just stare at me and not the book, I’m ok with that.  I’m writing this as you sleep, I wish I could wake you to play with me, but I won’t, I’ll sleep myself and look forward to the morning. Where when you wake, you’ll tuck your hands into your neck, and stretch your elbows way up over your head before you can be bothered to open your eyes for the day. I love you. Happy 1st 1/2 birthday.

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5 Months

by Juliemara

5 months old! The babies are growing up so fast and getting so big. As of Monday they are five months old. Both girls are trying to roll over and with a lot of encouragement an a little help they can roll from their back to their tummy. From tummy to back is no problem, they just have to remember they can do it and they do. The giggle at funny dances, clapping or jumping. They love songs with hand motions, anything soft and fluffy, and the teething has begun. They rub their little lips together and chew on whatever they can fit in their mouth.20120314-064843.jpg20120314-064900.jpg20120314-064907.jpg20120314-064921.jpg20120314-065348.jpg20120314-065412.jpg


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