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DIY chefs kitchen spice cabinet organization

by Juliemara

Spice racks are great for cooks who use a dash here and a pinch there, but in our house, the racks that hold 24 and turn around just won’t cut it. No, we have an entire kitchen cabinet dedicated to spices and seasonings. Our resident chef, my husband, is from Israel, so Mediterranean flavors a are a staple. Cumin, paprika, turmeric, Zatar and shwarma seasoning can always be found in our spice cabinet. He’s also part Italian so we can not run out of basil, oregano, parsley and garlic powder is stocked in bulk. We love to make Thai food and Indian food and one of my favorites is Mexican. To have enough spices and seasonings on hand to make a dish from any of these cuisines at a moments notice means a packed spice cabinet.


We bought this great adjustable cabinet shelf, but all it did was hide more spices in the back of the cabinet. As a result we ended up with duplicates of many spices since we couldn’t find the first one when we needed it. I had to solve the problem so I did it in the easiest way possible. Spice steps!

1) Measure the width of your cabinet

2)Cut several pieces of 2″ x 4″ slightly shorter than your cabinet is wide.


3)Stack the wood in a step pattern


4)Organize a away



You can pick up a 2″x4″ at Lowes or Home Depot and if you ask they might even cut it for you there. If not you can buy a hand saw and get the job done pretty quick.

Plus it’s a great saw to have for future DIY projects!

If you have a taller shelf than I did you can stack the wood two or three high for each step so that the lables don’t get hidden. We don’t have that much space so I grouped the spices by style of jar, then we just have to remember what type of jar each spice is in.

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Sometimes what seams important one day is ridiculous the next…

by Juliemara

Two and half years ago when we got married I registered for 16 place settings of beautiful fine china. It was Micheal Aram for Waterford.

I got most of it, about twelve place setting and all the serving pieces. I loved unpacking each of the boxes and carefully organizing the plates by size into the special china bags to store them in. Then before I had the babies I went to bed bath and beyond and ordered the remaining sets I had registered for. I knew that if I didn’t do it before the girls were born I never would. I still have yet to unpack those last four sets and 10 bowls. And part of me wishes I had all melamine dishes like those beautiful colorful ones in the photo above from an adorable little store in Jaffa called Sofie. You can find their adorable products on line here.
Se la vie. You live and you learn.

I’ll let you know when I get around I using the fine china I loved so much.

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The bees have been busy

by Juliemara



With my pregnancy coming rapidly to an end and my energy level dwindling to almost nothing my sweet husband has been working non stop to get our house finished before the babies arrive. While we are hoping we have a few more weeks, this is week 35, 38 is ideal for cooking twins, we both know that it could be any minute of any day that we head to the hospital. While I am ok with it if they want to stay in, I will be very relived if they decide to come, um, yesterday. I am ready for all these pregnancy symptoms to start clearing up, the carpal tunnel is agonizing, the ice packs feel good while I hold them but they don’t offer any extended relief if I put it down and I still wake up from hand pain at night, several times. I am also the lucky recipient of Puppps, itchy red bumps that suddenly appear all over the skin and itch like crazy, day and night. I took a steroid pack to help and it did a little, but it’s still very itchy. And my belly has gotten so heavy, it is actually hard to carry around. There is no more rolling over at night to the other side, I now have to sit up and lay back down on the other side of I feel like I’ll be crushed by my own belly.

So while I know my aches and pains are OH SO Interesting, I still need to update you on other progress we have made around the house!


The Kitchen

It last looked like this

And now it’s done!

Wewith the whole stainless steel appliance trend. I love the extra large  sink, it’s not exactly what you would find in a resturand but it will be fun to  give the babies bathes in!

Since we have a Kosher kitchen (Jewish dietary laws) we have to have seperate sets of dishes for meat meals and dairy meals, so to make it easy and fun we went with square for dairy and round for meat.

I was worried we wouldn’t be able to reach the middle of the 5′ x8′ island, but it’s not a problem, we are loving the wide open prep space.

The aqua glass subway tile backsplash are finally in!

The resident chefs’ gadget drawer!

Come on over we’ll make you a fancy cup of coffee

A little peice of our past that we always want to remember, that was a fun day and the beginging of the rest of our lives.

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