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Destin Vacation continued…

by Juliemara



I definitely won’t be wining any blog awards any time soon. Moments to write these little stories recounting the happenings of our lives are hard to come by. I’m so tired by the time the girls go to bed I don’t even have the energy to get ready for bed myself let alone write coherent dialogue that may some how be interesting or informative.

But I am determined to share the rest of the vacation we took over the holidays with you. We had such a fun time hanging out together and being around our friends. Watching how much the girls enjoyed the company of our friends children was great entertainment. But when you have toddlers and cold weather activities are a necessity. In addition to packing a suitcase of clothes I also packed a bin of activities for the kids to do.

We rode bikes indoors, painted, made beaded necklaces, decorated $1 wood picture frames from Michaels, made crowns for everyone, did some yoga, colored and stickered, had target practice and played with play-doh.







We also baked all kinds of yummy treats, cookies, brownies and muffins. My kids love pouring, mixing and helping break the eggs. Watched a little tv and everyday we took a dip in the heated pool in the back yard. We have two little fishes on our hands.





We also spent some time exposing the attractions near our house. There was a great outlet mall with a fun little playground, a multi purpose entertainment village with another fun playground and several restaurants we visited.








We will be sticking close to home for the next few months. Big changes coming, I can’t wait to see how Talia and Jordan react to a having a baby in their lives. I’m however they take it, it will make us laugh a little, they are the two funniest people I know.







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Family Trip to Destin, FL

by Juliemara



Christmas is a favorite time of ours to take a trip. We don’t actually celebrate the holiday but we still get the day off. My husbands business is very busy up until the Christmas holiday so as soon as Christmas eve arrives things slow down and we can take off as a family to anything we like for as long as my job will let me be away. This year we decided to go back to Destin, Florida, we went last year as well. And while last year wasn’t exactly our ideal vacation we did things a little differently this time. Last year we stayed in a hotel at a resort for two nights then drove to visit with friends in Alabama. This year we stayed for over a week in a rented house.

Destin Vacation Rental Ocean Views

The house was a perfect rental for the four families with seven kids between them that shared it. Six bedrooms, five and a half baths, golf cart, heated pool, great neighborhood, walking distance to the beach and close to great shopping. I loved this house so much I felt like I needed to send the owners a gift for letting us stay there!




It wasn’t warm on the gulfs edge but it was warmer than in Atlanta. We were able to spend some time on the beach playing in the sand. The girls were so cute digging and jumping and running through the beautiful white sands of the beach. It was so fine and white it looks a little like snow, but I’ll take sand over snow any day. One of the spots we visited was the Crab Trap restaurant which had a great playground structure right on the sand.


The girls had a great time playing with the other kids we vacationed with. They got to stay up late, sleep in and sit at the eat at bar for most of their meals. There was plenty of down time indoors so I brought an arsenal of indoor activities to keep kids entertained. And the pool heated to bath tub temps was a great way to spend chilly mornings. Look out for more photos to come.




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A Reason to Celebrate

by Juliemara

Jordan in pink, Talia in Tye-dye.


This past Friday the girls turned 18 months. It’s a big milestone in the world of a baby and for new parents and I always love a reason to celebrate. So on Saturday we had some friends over to enjoy the day and for an afternoon snack the girls got a birthday “cupcake”. The cupcake was actually a fruit and veggie muffin topped with whip cream and a bit of rainbow sprinkles. Talia ate the sprinkles one by one and not much of the muffin. Jordan licked all the whip cream off and ate a bite or two of the muffin The girls friend Livia was over so she joined in the half birthday fun, she finished her whole muffin!18_months_party

She was also the only one that would wear the birthday hat. Her mom also brought the tasty muffins. I did try them, they are very good.


It was low key, but fun none the less and a memorable way to mark the occasion.

Happy half birthday sweet girls you are getting so big so fast.

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Everything is Interesting

by Juliemara


It’s official, they are into everything! And everything they find is the most interesting thing that ever existed and if, as a parent, I deem it unsafe, inappropriate or just plain not theirs to play with, it is the biggest heartbreak one could experience. At home, Jordan reacts to not getting she wants by crying then sitting on her tush and finally lowering herself carefully to the floor until she is laying on her back kicking her feet and sobbing. I walk away because I know that it ‘s not nice for her to see me laugh. Talia is much more convincing. The piercing scream, followed by the scrunched up face and real tears get us almost every time, we try to be strong, but this girl is good.

We have a few really great friends who have kids the same age and invite up often for play dates. While we love entertaining at our house, getting out and visiting friends at theirs is a special kind of fun. For my husband and I it’s quality time that we get to spend with relaxing friends and playing with our girls without the worry of cooking, Foror the girls the newness of a new space and more importantly a whole new set of toys is ultimate happiness. Between the two of them they explore and inspect every square inch of their new play space, which usually involves climbing as high as they can before we stop them and of course figuring out every toy inside and out. It’s fun to watch them getting excited over new things. When Jordan gets excited she says “waaaow” and shimmies her shoulders. Talia flips her hands up, shrugs her shoulders and babbles “Weetsu, weetsu.

All this playing usually tired the girls out pretty good. But it also does the same to us!


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Our First Family Trip to the Circus

by Juliemara





We went to the Big Apple Circus this past weekend! Its a quiant little one ring circus held under a pitched tent wih only 16 rows of seating around. you can smell the animals from every seat in the house.



Yes, I know, it was a little risky taking two (actually three, our friends also came with their little one) toddlers to an afternoon showing of the circus but I just had one if my crazy mom moments and knew the girls would love it. And they did.





They were so captivated by everything they were seeing. When they would see an animal that they recognized they would point an should a sound that I assume is how they say horse or cow or dog. They were so proud of themselves for recognizing these animals.








The animals were defiantly our little crowds favorite part, but the high flying acrobats were enjoyed by all as well.



The girls got to run around a little during intermission and had almost as much fun touching the lights in the entrance hall (don’t worry they weren’t hot) as they did watching the performers .

We did end up leaving a little early, maybe just 10 minutes before the end. But we all had such a good time. Seeing the looks on the girls faces was with the price of he ticket ten times over.
It was the first of many annual trips to the circus. It was a really great one.

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Happy Holidays!

by Juliemara

Hannukka has passed and Christmas is just days a way. This year has flown by and yet so much has changed. It’s been such a great year for my family, we are lucky beyond words. I am so thankful for another year of living an amazing life and looking forward to the next.

Happy Holidays to all of you from my family to yours.

I hope that this year was a good one, and I hope that next year is even better.

Holiday card_2012

Thank you to all of you who sent my family holiday greeting cards. We love receiving them and seeing how everyone’s families have changed in a year. And I love that I have this place to display and share them.




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Another year

by Juliemara

20121128-101215.jpgI’m not a big birthday person, I really never have been. I just don’t like that on your birthday everyone asks “how’s your birthday?” “Are you having a good birthday?” And you are expected to say yes. Well what if you are having a bad day?! Maybe you woke up with a headache, or the outfit you wanted to wear just didn’t fit right, or anything? What if it’s not a good day, then you have to tell everyone “no, I’m not having a good birthday” and they think you are just a grump.
None of those things happen to me. My birthday was yesterday and I am happy to report it was a pretty good day.
I wore my new shoes from Sole Society and I love them!

20121128-102419.jpgAnd I got some pretty nice gifts.
Like this little piggy from fruitflypie, from my sisters.

The beautiful flowers above from my in-laws. And some yummy perfume and a chocolate cake from my husband.

20121128-102313.jpgWe also asked our nanny to stay extra late so we could enjoy dinner out with friends.

We went to VG Bistro in Roswell. The food was excellent, but I would suggest passing on the desserts. .

20121128-102332.jpgInstead stop by the Krispy Kreme down the road. All in all it was a good birthday. There was no embarrassing awkward surprise party at work (I’ve been at my same company for five years) So I was quite relived by that. I got a grand total of 118 happy birthday posts on my Facebook time line, 1 Facebook message, 7 emails, 14 text messages, 2 ecards and 2 paper cards. I feel very loved. And my girls danced for me while Yael sang happy birthday in Hebrew. I think they we’re confused as to why there were no toys.

I never thought I’d be one of those women who lied about their age, but it turns out I am. From here on out I am 32. Until I’m 60, then I’ll turn 50.

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Family and Friends

by Juliemara

Just want to share some of my recent favorites from Instagram. I am gearing up to make my first Instagram book using Blurb. I have almost 700 photos I’ve instagramed, I think probably 600 of them are of the girls. I’ll have to cut some, it’s not going to be an easy task.

I love this one of Jordan on the slide. Without socks on she can climb up to the slide platform but doesn’t quite understand that she can fall off so we help her once she reaches the top to safely get down the slide.

Talia isn’t as into climbing, she would rather us just put her on the platform and help her down the slide.

Talia learns a new trick from Mommy.

Jordan’s technique for going down the steps.

Teddy seams to be shrinking

My little snuggle bug, Jordan

Present from Abba

Lovely love

A southern wedding, my childhood friend got married this past weekend in my hometown. We had a great weekend playing with our girls, celebrating Dori and her new groom Brian and seeing lots of friends and family.




And lastly for today, Abba little snuggle bug, Talia. Yes, they all said it would happen, one twin prefers mommy and the other daddy. Thus is the case in our house.


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Fun on a Farm

by Juliemara

It’s no secret that I like farms, I’d move to one in a heartbeat if I could and spend my days tending the gardens, handing the wash on the line and ideally riding horses with my girls. My husband doesn’t like horses, he would be tending to the livestock…


Ok enough of dreaming in lala land, I work in an office as does my husband and we live just a few steps from our neighbors is our suburban neighborhood, it’s a great place to be, it’s just fun to dream a little.


Since we can’t actually like and work our own farm at this pint in our lives we like to visit them as often as possible and lucky we live in Georgia so there are thousands of family farms within an hour or two of the city. Many of which while were once thriving agriculture businesses have seen hard times in the last decade with several years in a row of drought combined with a bad turn in the economy. In an effort to make it through these hard times many of these farms turned to AgriTourism. They opened their farm to the public, people like me who find being in the country on the wide open spaces of farm fields calming and rejuvenating.
Similar to the apple orchard we visited a few months back, this past weekend we visited Southernbelle Farms in McDonough, Georgia. Jimmy and Kathy Carter have transformed thier once largley cropgrowing farm into endless family fun with a corn maze, bounce mound and bounch house, a play ground animals to pet, pig races and more. It’s a big open space perfect for letting your little ones run wild on a early fall day.

Our Friends and their son Jack who is just a few months older than the girls met us for a day at the farm.







The bounce mound was so much fun and we had it all to ourselves.


Then it was time for a lemonade break, the girls loved their first taste of homemade lemonade.


Up next was the corn house, like sand but not as sticky and fun to play in. The only problem was there was corn all down babies diapers!


The horses and goats were also a big hit.


There was a hayride and lunch and cow train! We could have spent a whole other day there but babies only last so long. We will certainly be visiting again next year.











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Halloween with one year olds!

by Juliemara

20121031-223248.jpgWe had such a fun night celebrating Halloween with our girls and our friends. Our good friends were so sweet to host the get together at their house. The fun started around five getting everyone into their costumes.


20121031-223204.jpgWe had our two little watermelons of course,

20121031-223506.jpgthen there was Ragedy Ann

20121031-223211.jpgand a little snow bunny.

My sister stopped by with her kids to see the girls, it was a fun surprise. My niece was Repunzal and my nephew was a sumo wrestler.


Once the rest if the dads arrived we gave the kids some snacks and headed out.







Livia’s grandma made sure to take about 1000 pictures of her dirt granddaughter.

20121031-223330.jpgbut she better get more iCloud storage for next year because she will have to take 2000 pictures!

<img src="" alt="20121031-223336

There weren’t too many trick or treaters out before sunset but to was fun to take an evening walk with the girls since its not often we get to do this.

But it was fun to walk around the neighborhood and look at all the decorations.


20121031-223446.jpgthe girls had fun discovering pumpkins

20121031-223500.jpgand meeting Superwoman (this is our friend Alex, but I’m not sure if the girls recognized her in her costume)

After the trick or treating fun we headed back to our friends house and all had dinner together.


Once the babies fell asleep we ate all the candy they collected.


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