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DIY Pom Pom Garland

by Juliemara


I’ve totally jumped on the Pom Pom band wagon even though I think the wagon is pretty much on it’s way out of town. I don’t care. I just got my first Pom Pom makers and made my first Pom Pom project. A Pom Pom garland.

I loved having the valentines garland in February but after I took it down the window was looking dull like it needed an accessory, the modern grey Pom Poms do the job.


Pom Poms aren’t just for garlands they can be necklaces, hair pieces even napkin rings. Pom Poms are a great busy project for a fidgety person while watching tv or on a road trip. Even kids can make pom poms. I made mine super full but they are just as fun made a bit more airy.


you can get your own pom pom maker here.







Here are some other great uses for pom poms that I found on pinterest, the possibilities are endless.






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DIY Vintage Ruler Height Chart

by Juliemara

I’m big on tradition and memorabilia. I have fond memories of hunting though boxes in the basement looking for relics of the past. Toys from my Dad’s childhood, pictures from when my parents first met, a 1970’s Pyrex juice craft, crochet baby blankets that could have belonged to any one of my sisters or me. Sometimes I save things just so that my girls can find it one day, I call it organized hording. They probably won’t remember being a part of this project, but it’s one that when they are grown and it has been put away for a decade or so. I’ll pull it out and we will look at the dates and the tiny numbers, they’ll laugh at the though that they were ever under two feet tall and I’ll blink back the tears thinking how I couldn’t always tell them apart by only seeing the tops of their heads.

I discovered this DIY Vintage Ruler Height Chart project on Pinterest about a year ago, added it to my Kid Stuff board and hoped that one day I would create it before they outgrew it.

I did, and here’s how. I went to home depot and bought a pre – cut 6′ tall and 10″ wide board, a 220 grit sanding block, Minwax wood stain in Honey and a spray polyurethane top coat. At Micheal’s I got a large black paint pen.


I put a drop cloth under the board in case the stain dripped

After brushing on the stain with the paint brush, wipe it quickly with a clean cloth to even out the stain


Once i was done I realized there was an x in the wood, so I had to stain the other side


It took me three evenings to complete it, about two hours each evening. You can read a full tutorial on the project from the blogger who created it first here.



I love how it turned out.


I must say, this is one that I wish I had finished before they learn to stand on their own. According to their 9 month appointment they were 27 1/2inches, I could mark the chart but that would be lying and I would remember that I cheated every time I looked at it. So the first mark is from January 17th, 2012. the girls were 15 months old and 30 1/2 inches tall. Getting them to stand thier long enough to make the mark was quite a challenge, getting them to stand there long enough to take a picture in front of the chart, impossible. Heance the lack of the picture.

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Thanksgiving Day

by Juliemara

I love Thanksgiving, it’s probably my favorite holiday. 20121122-202628.jpg20121122-211013.jpg20121122-211029.jpg


20121122-211107.jpgI love it for several reasons, since its not a religious holiday there are no services to attend. It’s not that I mind the services, it’s just nice to get to spend the whole day off enjoying free time with family. And it’s a great excuse to dress babies up in their fancy dresses from Safta. They are from Zara (similar here).20121122-202357.jpg20121122-202651.jpg20121122-202603.jpg20121122-202416.jpg20121122-202758.jpg20121122-202738.jpg20121122-202428.jpg20121122-202453.jpg20121122-202618.jpgAnother reason Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine is because we spend it out in the country at my sister lake house, which is beautiful and relaxing and always one of my favorite places to be. OK, its not exactly out in the country, its more like a country club, but the town is far away from a big city. 20121122-202815.jpg20121122-202440.jpg20121122-202348.jpg20121122-202323.jpg20121122-202329.jpg

20121122-211018.jpgThen there is the fact that Thanksgiving is always within a week of my birthday, so I always get to celebrate my birthday with my family.

And last is the deserts! 20121122-202259.jpg20121122-202306.jpg20121122-202312.jpg20121122-211024.jpgI love pumpkin and pecan pie, whip cream in anything is perfect and there is always enough chocolate left over to last for days. The actual meal is always tasty too, but it’s the deserts that keep bringing me back each year.

So that’s a wrap for thanksgiving 2012, let the games be watched.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and spent it in company that you enjoyed. I hope you ate enough gravy to last you until next year and I hope that each day you remember that you can be thankful for the people who make your life special.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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A lovely little calendar

by Juliemara

20120911-224934.jpgI have been loving my owl desk calendar I created myself from a free download via A Typical Type A.If you want it tiny like mine just adjust the scale settings before you print.

I used different colors of washi tape to hang each page so I could just take it off at the end of the month, but you can also staple them all together or use a hole punch and loop some string through!

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