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I have two…

by Juliemara

I have two kids who can’t blow their nose. I have tried every way I can think if to teach them, I even Googled ‘how to teach your kids to blow their nose’ and nothing. The snot just drips down their face until I notice it or they ask for a tissue. The ability to blow ones nose is, after the last two weeks of our lives, a milestone I am truly looking forward to.

Two weekends ago it started with Jordan, a mild clear snotty nose with the occasional sneeze. She was the happy playful toddler I am use to, by Monday morning that had changed. The stuffy runny nose had intensified, she was coughing a wet cough and had a mild fever. By now she was no longer my playful Jordan, she just wanted to be held, and had no interest in her toys. No school for Jordan. And since the girls have never been apart for more than an hour or so, Talia stayed home too.20131124-214422.jpg

I didn’t find any benefit in testing their independence this week. For three days the symptoms continued, the stuffy runny nose caused the cough, it was worse at night. The difficulty to breath left me with a toddler sleeping in my bed, tossing and turning, crying and coughing. Jordan spent several hours these nights watching curious George on the iPad while I slept next to her. 20131124-214621.jpg

The fever stayed low, but persistent. I alternated giving her allergy medicine to help with the runny nose, homeopathic cough medicine, which I’m not sure does much good and homeopathic cold tablets, which I truly believe if given with the correct consistency do help improve cold symptoms. The reality of the situation is colds are a nuisance, there is not much that can be done to fix them, you just have to wait it out. But I know that being able to blow out the boogies from a badly stuffed up nose makes a world of difference.


On Thursday, without much improvement, I decided it was time to see the doctor. Turns out a bad cold with a low fever = ear infection, two to be precise, one in each ear. Wow, I feel like a bad parent for letting it get so bad. The next day the cough and runny nose cought up with Talia, and by Monday she had also maintained a low fever for several days, so back to the doctor they went. Talia also had an ear infection, because I cought it earlier it wasn’t as bad. Now both girls were on twice a day amoxicillin. 20131124-214631.jpg

The doctor who saw Talia let us know that Publix pharmacy provides the generic amoxicillin free of charge. Apparently free prescriptions for kids is a fairly common occurrence for pharmacies. You should check with your pharmacy to see if they offer this benefit to their customers.
The following Wednesday both girls were fever free for +24hours so it was back to school. The cough and an on off runny nose persist, but I guess that’s just par for the course of being a toddler in the winter.
All I can do is try to be more germ vigilant, and hope that the worst of the winter sicknesses have come and gone for our family.


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Things are changing around here…

by Juliemara

Things are changing around here. The girls keep getting bigger and smarter and my blog is moving to a new home. the hope is that you wont feel a difference but posts may be a little sporadic for a while and the look will change some. but the cool thing is this blog will be much more fun! to keep up on all the updates during this transition time be sure to LIKE the Smilingwatermelon Facebook page. ill post never before seen pictures and videos there especially on days that the blog is having technical issues.

These sweet baby girls are 13 months old!

I was told recently by a coworker that after a year counting months is annoying to hear about. This makes me think I should stop coloring my monthly chalkboard and taking the white couch pictures. What do you think? Should I keep going with the monthly pictures or move on to something new? I wouldn’t mind the extra time to knock out a new project or two over this next year, but as my readers, will you miss those pictures? Should I keep counting? Until when? 24, 36, 48 months?

Counting or not they keep growing, they are walking (but not with out the more than just occasional boom into a wall/chair table right onto their face/head/tushie), they are babbling, and they are using their gestures to tell us what they want, or don’t.

It’s not easy to keep two toddlers busy all day. Sure they nap, usually two times a day for an hour, maybe more,sometime only once, maybe for two hours. But two hours goes by quick when you are cleaning up after the morning mess. Luckily we have a fantastic nanny who always seems to get everything done and keep the girls busy and learning all day long. She is even teaching them to sleep on little cots so that one day when we are out during nap time or sleeping somewhere new they will feel comfortable to sleep somewhere other than their cribs.


The girls nanny uses a great online resource for fun things to do with the girls on days when they don’t have music class or story time. Macaroni kid lists all the events in your neighborhood for kids, all the details are there to help you choose the best events for the age and most of them are free!


She also takes the girls to indoor playgrounds when it’s too cold/hot or rainy to play outside. Also, until a toddler is a good walker most playgrounds are not really practical with a wood chip or even dirt ground cover. Most I the indor play places like Kangazoom or Catch Air, have a cover charge, even for the babies, but discounts can always be found on Groupon, Living Social, Sweet Jack and on their individual Facebook pages.













I hope you are doing something fun with your kiddies this weekend! I’d love to hear about it!

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Carter’s Free International Shipping!

by Juliemara
I just got the happiest little message in my inbox, Carter’s is offering FREE shipping to over 80 countries around the world!
It’s not going to last forever, I have no idea how long it will.
What I do know is that if you live outside the USA you no longer have to pay crazy prices for Carter’s, order something like this online


and get it delivered to your door even if you live in Israel or Honduras. This is amazing!

Forward this to all your friends and family with babies and kids overseas, they won’t want to miss this!

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Happy Friday

by Juliemara


The girls this morning after waking up from their morning nap. As a side note to yesterday’s post we received one swing as a very generous gift and the other is on loan. (which we have to return ASAP because that family is expecting number two! Congrats!) no worries though the girls no longer use them except on a rare occasion and I don’t think they will miss them when we pack ours away for now. By the way- mom and dad- thanks for buying the swing for your house, sorry it’s a bit obsolete for the girls now, I had no idea when you got it four weeks ago that they would grow out of it so fast. But I promise it will get used down the road. We did purchase both of our excersaucers used, one is a evenflo (yellow) the other is a baby Einstein. They are both great and the girls love them but if I had to chooses a favorite it would be baby Einstein. It has a talking component. Have a great weekend!

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Who has wallet photos any more?

by Juliemara

Once you have a baby local portrait studios, you know the ones with the fall foliage and sponge paint blue back drops, start sending you coupons for free studio sessions and a print package for $7-$12, the catch, you get to choose one pose and you get about 50 copies of that one picture in various colors and sizes. This was my “favorite pose” that I chose from the girls first studio portraits. And after taking the 8×10 for our home, and giving the grandparents their 5×7’s I am left with these,

wallets and 4×6’s of a cute, but not amazing studio portrait of my girls before they could sit up on their own. In this amazing age of information and digital technology I don’t know anyone who carries photos in their wallet, if you do, well, that’s very retro of you. It would probably be more cost efficient for these studios to offer a single print in the size you choose and a digital copy that you can save, email, blog or print as you wish. I don’t carry wallet pictures, I prefer my 1600 pictures that I can scroll through on my phone and choose to show off based on my mood or the person or the situation.

I know a lot of you who read my blog each day know my family and the girls personally, so if you would like to have one of these hard copy photos send me an email with your address and I’ll mail one to you, or even if you don’t and you want one email me, that’s ok too! I just hate to throw them away, but I am determined not to end up on Hoarders. I’ll probably continue to use these local portrait studios because they do look professional and the lighting is always nice and the price really can’t be beat. Maybe I’ll just start taking my own back drops and props, theirs tend to be a bit cheesy.

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