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What we’re buying

by Juliemara


1/White flowy white top $18
2/Navy Polka Dot Shorts $9
3/Cherries Sunglasses $6
4/Sparkly Sandals $16

Although I’m sure it seems like blogging and taking photos of my girls is my full time job, it’s not. I have a full time office job. Ok it’s not like “the Office” it’s for Carter’s, yup, the cute kids clothing company. I really love working for my company. I think it’s more fun than the average corporate office job, I get to deal with cute little kid clothes all day and I really can’t complain about the employee discount that comes in very handy. I work on all boys product and have for the past five years, but I LOVE our girls designers and all the goodies they dream up for my girls. Four out of five days they are wearing Carter’s. This weekend we are going shopping, here’s what I’m buying.

If you want to grab a few essentials yourself please use the coupon! link to print below.


Have a great weekend


15% Off 

20% Off

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Too little time

by Juliemara


I’ve been absent a lot lately. This month is my busy time at work. Which means that six months worth of product has to get designed in three weeks. I’ve been working late almost every night so when I get home and eat dinner I barley have enough energy to get ready for bed and none for writing blog posts.

We had a great weekend. It was beautiful here and the warm weather is expected to stick.





I had to go to work for a few hours on Sunday, so I missed bed time for the fifth time this week. I’m not going to candy coat it, missing bed time with the girls makes me sad. But I’m lucky that it only happens a couple of weeks a year and I have a wonderful husband who can handle it all by himself.

Thanks for the loaner pj’s Livia!

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A little tired

by Juliemara

It’s my busy time at work, so between intense workdays and meetings that last hours as well as working late and babies who want to wake up and eat or chit chat two or three times every night we are pretty tired around here. Glad it’s Wednesday.


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baby dolls

by Juliemara

It was tough being away for so many hours so many days in a row and I get to practice this new skill all over next week. It is nice that their Nana gets to spend so much time with them. But for now I am looking forward to a fun weekend with my family.


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How nice is that

by Juliemara

I had my first day back at work, I was ok, really! I really like my job, the people I work with and the environment, it’s not a bad place to spend the day. But come on, it’s still work and I still have two cute as a button babies at home. Here’s a video of Jordan on her tummy and Talia exploring what her legs can do.

But back to the whole leave the babies at home and go to work thing, I mean who wouldn’t rather play with babies than work, not me, but that’s not life, at least not mine or the other 15 women I work with who have infants at home or the hundreds of millions of women around the world who are moms and have careers, so I just keep reminding my self that by leaving them in someone else’s care I am not harming them, or scaring them, or being a bad mother, I’m just doing, to be honest,what most mothers do. It’s still not easy.
I am still breastfeeding the girls so while I am at work I pump to keep up my supply and have milk for them for the following day. My office has a “pumping room” which they call “mothers rest stop” (all our extra rooms have cute names like the playground or home room, lunch box) I’d never seen he room until today, because they keep it locked, I am pleasantly surprised, it’s a really nice little room.




The room has everything you need for a comfy spot to pump, a glider and ottoman, soft lighting, magazines about parenting, a mini fridge, a little table, photos of cute babies, which I am thinking I may switch out for photos of my cute babies ; ), and a mirror to make sure you are put back together properly after pretending to be a cow for 20 minutes! And this cute little sign to let people know the room is being used.


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I’m published!

by Juliemara

I always get a kick out of seeing my designs on little people. Today Elle Apparel a blog a like to check out announced baby #2 for their family by having their son wear the Carter’s Spring ’11 Big Brother Tee. We sell these year round in our stores but the style changes every six months if they last that long so get your while you can!


Hope you are having a good week.


P.S. more house updates coming, I promise.

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