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10 Months

by Juliemara


photo by Rachel

Baaaaabyyyyyy, stop getting older! You are only 10 months but I’m pretty sure you think you are three like your sisters.  It’s starting to really bother you that you can’t hop up onto the couch and bed like they do, so I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before you figure it out. You stood on your own once, so I know you can do it. But with two little helpers and your booming voice you don’t have to go very far to get what yo want. You might be the happiest baby ever, and I’m not just saying that because you are mine, you really do smile all the time and you full out giggle at almost any entertainment. Your favorite activities are the parachute at Gymboree, the slide, anything outside and of course eating. You are a really good eater. Fruits are your favorite especially grapes and blueberries, you love tomatoes and cucumbers, chicken and fish. I finally got you to eat avocado by spreading it on an english muffin, and you can just about eat your weight in broccoli and cauliflower. This past week I registered you for school for next year, that was surreal. I know you will love it, but the thought of sending off my tiny baby makes my heart heavy. I love you baby girl. I love how you play and talk and love. I’m sorry you have the cold of all colds but as soon as it’s over you are welcome to start sleeping through the night.  Love, Mommy.


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