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First dentist visit

by Juliemara

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Today was one of those times when I realized too late that it wf those times I needed to have my mommy A game on. All day I thought I was on the right track preparing my children for their first visit to the dentist. We had talked about going for a couple of weeks and they had a dentist visit their class at school, so they knew a little of what to expect. It was just me with all three so I had an ample supply of food and distractions for a potential long wait. Luckily the paperwork was minimal and the wait wasn’t much. But when we got into the room and Jordan sat on the chair and opened wide I realized I had failed twice. Despite the fact that she was acting like such a big girl I could tell she was terrified, I wish I had thought to bring their loveys for them to hold on to during the cleaning. Then as the dental hygienist skillfully addressed my children to get them comfortable and excited about all the tools and instruments I realized I should have read them a book or two about visiting the dentist. But I was so focused on remembering the appointment that I forgot this important step when introducing young children to a new and potentially scary experience. Despite my mommy mess ups Talia and Jordan were star patients, not a tear, or a whine. And it was well worth the bag full of goodies to bring home at the end.

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