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Oh the places you can go…

by Juliemara


Baby girl, you can do it. You are a crawler! you are so cute when you do. Most of the time you move carefully, slowly as if you are moving across thin ice. But when your sister are involved, you move like you’ve always known how to. My favorite is when you get your little hip caught up on a corner. You’ll learn. You pretty much use your new skill to keep up with the action when Jordan and Talia are home and follow me around when they are not. Part of me knows that you would have so much fun in a daycare, but I’d miss you too much, so story time at the library, Gymboree and playdates will have to do for now. You are such a fun little baby. You nap when you have the chance, if you get woken up by the screaming choir you are usually just as happy to be entertained by them. You love other babies and show that love and friendship by a good head butt. Another one of your best new tricks is mimicking children screaming or dogs barking. you have the sweetest babble and your two bottom teeth are finally making a very slow appearance. I love you so much baby girl. Happy 9 months.

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