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2014 October | Smiling Watermelon
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Kids make a mess

by Juliemara



It’s amazing what they are capable of when it comes to disorganization. The neater I arrange the toys, their clothes, the couch pillows, the bigger the mess it will be within an hour or so. It’s really impossible to keep up with them. So, my strategy is to just not keep up with them, instead, at the end if the day either right before bed they “help” clean up their toys or right after I do as much as I can before I just want to fall over. Anybody have ideas if how to get kids to be organized and play clean? Or is it hopeless? It’s not the worst thing in the world, I didn’t clean much that I remember when I was a kid, and I turned out all right. And thanks to the world if blogging there are even blogs about how to clean your house, better, faster and more green.

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8 months

by Juliemara



Not the best photo of our day at the pumpkin patch but the sun was shining so brightly in my sweet baby’s eyes. She has been keeping me busy, especially at night, when she likes me to come and remind her every few hours that she is safe and loved. But I’m ok with that, sure I’m tired, but how long is a baby a baby? Not that long and mine is on the closer side to being a toddler. So if a little less sleep means a little more time to kiss those squishy cheeks and watch her curl her tiny fingers around the tag on her lovey, I’m ok with it.

She’s been threatening to crawl for a few months, I’m sure she would like to but she really doesn’t have where to go. Even a tiny noise from her brings an array of toy choices thrown within arms reach and when the crew moves our nanny or myself gladly move her along too. She desperately wants to participate in every activity she sees her sisters doing. She tries to fling herself out of my arms to the ground. I know she can’t go anywhere so I ask, “Noa, where are you going to go?” She went to her first live stage performance and loved every minute of it. We went to the Theater for the Very Young. An informal short theatrical production that lets toddlers use their imaginations and interact with the actors. But little Noa enjoyed it just as much.

We were in Israel for most of the month of September. One day I will get around to posting some photos. Check Facebook every once in a while I may just make an album there to share. It was so hot that a lot of the days were spent indoors. Towards the end of our stay Noa started to participate a little more at the spray ground or play centers we went to. It feels funny to travel to the other side of the world and not take a single tour or see a single ancient ruin. But traveling with kids is work, so we took it easy, we went to playgrounds around the neighborhood, petting zoos and three story padded play areas inside malls. We spent time with family and together as a family. It was a good learning experience for next time. We now know that no matter how long we are away, a few days or a few weeks, the only way to make the trip a success is to have a schedule and stick to it. The kids have to know what to expect or they will go a little crazy with the loss of control. And one day, a long time from now when our girls are seven and nine. maybe then we will make it back to that little spot in the desert that is Israel to me.

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