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2014 September | Smiling Watermelon
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Toddler Ballet

by Juliemara

I’m back, apparently my blog was sick, but it’s all better now.

I’ve got a lot if catching up to do but for now I want to share a video our nanny took of Talia and Jordan’s first Ballet class this school year. Talia and Jordan are the ones in the dance leos without a tutu. Don’t worry they are in their way.


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My inspiration

by Juliemara

Photo credits
1. Joy Prouty
Mom to 4. From CA. Sold everything to take a trip for a year in a trailer, it broke down after four months. Found a farm to live on in Washington state. Travels for work.
2. Melissa Jordan
Mom to 2, really close together. Works full time. Husband is a musician/stay at home dad. Lives in NC.
3. Kassi Baquet
Mom to 5, the youngest are twins, recently moved from south Texas to CA. She is gorgeous. Her youngest son has CF.

Every morning when I see my beautiful little girls faces I am inspired to get the day going and make it the best it can be for them and me. By the end of the day I’ve lost all my inspiration, and usually most of my patience. And so after all my babies have been put to bed I turn on my phone and search for some more inspiration to get me through the night. My nights still consist of waking at least twice to settle Noa and once for one of the twins. I have become all but addicted to Instagram. I follow a community of creatives from all over the world. Most of them are small business owners, many of them moms, and they all capture beautiful images of everyday moments that make me want to find more beauty in my everyday. But the truly inspiring part of seeing a snap shot into these peoples lives are the captions that accompany the pictures. They are honest and not nearly as perfect as the picture above may seem. They tell about a hard day, or being up all night with a sick child, they are worried as to how they will pay the next bill and they feel like the little time they have with their children is too quickly slipping away. I don’t know these women personally but I would like to think that if our paths ever crossed we could sit and have coffee and talk like old friends while our children played in a beautiful field. But until then, I’ll keep visiting Instagram each night, and find those little reminders that it’s hard for everyone for different reasons, it’s ok to not be perfect, or the best because all that really matters to them are hugs and food. I’m still trying to get Jordan to understand that clothing is not optional.

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You’re not allowed to do that

by Juliemara

This post should probably be about my two-year-olds. But that would be a very very very long and probably boring post. This one is about Noah, at six-month-old baby is trying to crawl. She’s not supposed to do that. She supposed to stay My Baby. But this little one is on a mission to keep up with her sisters.

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