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6 Months | Smiling Watermelon
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6 Months

by Juliemara


We are there, Six Months! The time flew, in a blink she is turning into her own little person, she has so much personality and is a very lovable little baby.  She nuzzles her little head under my chin whenever she sees new people and has started giving me zerberts on my cheeks and chin. Her cheeks, on the other hand,  have withstood the the months, I dread the day her cheek bones make an appearance, but I know it’s inevitable, until then I will continue to munch on them every chance I get. Miss Noa gives the term bouncing baby a whole new meaning. She had her first try at a bouncy swing at a friends house, she loved it, but with two toddlers to push her this way and that and give her a good spin, she was ready to call it quits pretty quick. I realized the two doorway swings I had in the basement were not going to cut it in our house. I borrowed a jumparoo, like this one, from a friend and she loves it. She bounces and bounces, with a box under her feet because she’s not tall enough to touch her feet to the ground in it yet. I’m not sure she knows she can just sit in it. After about 20 minutes of bouncing she starts crying, but continues bouncing. I take her out, otherwise she’ll just bounce and cry.  She loves playing with toys, eats all of them and any solid foods I offer her. So far she has had, acorn squash, zucchini, peas, sweet potato, cauliflower, apples, avocado and banana. She is getting pretty good at putting the pacifier in her mouth all by herself and can pass toys from one hand to the other. She loves to laugh, she will find any reason to let out a good chuckle, a sigh, a sneeze, any unexpected sound, but usually it’s her sisters entertaining her. She loves them and is ready to get in on the action. She literally tries to leap out of my arms to go and play with them, she gets pretty upset when she lands on her face and can’t get anywhere else. I have no doubt it won’t be long, she is already tucking her little knees under her legs every so often. Living life with a crawler and two home wreckers will be an interesting adjustment, I have a feeling there will be more child locks and many a beaded bracelet stowed away for a while. I us to have the eye of a hawk for tiny things on the ground, I hope that skill reruns although I have a feeling it’s inevitable that I will be pulling much more out of Noas’ mouth than I ever did with the twins.

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