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Time for teething | Smiling Watermelon
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Time for teething

by Juliemara

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Every infant goes through a oral phase around four months. It’s when their taste buds start to develop which causes a lot of drooling. Some infants also start teething around this time, which also causes a lot of drooling and pain. Most infants don’t start teething until a little later but since the teeth start causing pain before you can see them there is really no way to tell.
When Taila and Jordan started teething we gave them cold and frozen things to chew on, some tylenol before bed but it wasn’t until a week of sleepless nights around their first birthday that I got them amber teething necklaces. Once they had them on there wasn’t much fussiness over the whole teething thing anymore. Maybe it was coincidence that the bulk of the pain was gone after that terrible week, maybe not. This time around I’m not taking any chances. Noa is five months old and wears her teething necklace day and night. Since the twins were little I have learned that the most effective amber for teething are the lighter and cloudier beads.

Noa’s necklace was a gift from amberforbabies.com. They sell real baltic amber necklaces with distribution in the US so it doesn’t take a month to get it. I have had dozens of moms ask me about the necklaces the girls wore, most moms wait until the pain become unbearable before getting the necklace, don’t do that to your self. The amber isn’t’ magic it has to build up it’s strength, so the longer they child wears it the better. The amber has a natural anti inflammatory in it called sussinic acid that gets into the skin from the resin beads, adults with arthritis also benefit from wearing amber jewelry. Talia and Jordan stopped wearing their necklaces when they started to bite through the beads around age two. A few months ago both girls were going through a bitting phase, I though maybe they were having pain from two year old molars, I put the necklace I had received as a gift for Noa on Jordan to see if it helped Don’t put a necklace on a toddler for the first time. If they don’t mess with it leave it on as long as possible. But it didn’t really and she pulled it off breaking the clasp, so I ended up buying Noa a new one from amberforbabies.com anyway. Amber for babies posts coupon codes for their Facebook followers every once in a while so if you are or will be in the market for an amber necklace like their Facebook so you can get the code. They also have great Pinterest boards and some interesting twitter comments if you want to keep in the know of all their new products and info.


This is a Sponsored post by Amberforbabies.com, all content and thoughts are my own.

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