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Thift Shop Win

by Juliemara

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I don’t need any new clothes for Noa. But I love new clothes. I just like looking at different outfits. Plus I dress Noa much differently than the girls were dressed. When Talia and Jordan were babies they wore two piece outfits because they were pretty much on the floor all day. And if they spit up or pooped out of their diaper it was easier to change half an outfit rather than the whole thing. Noa is out and about with me. I prefer to dress her in one pieces, especially the woven ones with this summer being as warm as it is and her being the little chunkster that she is. I didn’t have many one pieces like this in the 3-6 month size. I have some bigger ones and a few knit ones. I bought one or two new ones and then I discovered Once Upon a Child. A second hand kids clothing and toy store. It’s kind of my new favorite place. I love going in there and doing a once over to see if there is anything that I really don’t need but just need to have. and for a dollar or two, it’s worth the effort. A few weeks back I was looking for some new one piece woven suits for her and spotted the prettiest floral fabric. When I pulled it off the rack it was the softest fabric I’d ever felt. The tag was marked $14, which is pretty expensive for a second hand store. They price these items based on the brands, this one was Bonpoint, the most perfect French children’s clothing brand. Lucky for me they were having a half off sale. So for $7 I got this suit (in the pics) that would retail for $80 new, CRAZY! Please note the actual buttons at the bottom, aww.

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