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2014 July | Smiling Watermelon
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Room for two

by Juliemara




Talia and Jordan are completely into Cinderella right now. I got them the movie, which I had forgotten how great it is, and we happen to have the book on the shelf. So now every few days we get through the feature film and almost every night we read the story before bed and in between the girls act out various scenes from the fairy tale, ask me the same questions from what they recall over and over. I never thought I would have princess children, but I do, two, and one who laughs her head off at them.
Today Jordan ran to get her “princess dress”? Held it in her arms as she twirled around and said “this is my dress, it’s lovely. The birdies made it for me, oh thank you birdies, thank you. I love you birdies” it’s just one of those little moments that makes me smile, and I’m glad I have a place to write it down.

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A must read

by Juliemara






I’m still getting the hang of this SAHM thing, and being broken in by two two year olds and a baby is pushing me to my very limit of mental and physical exhaustion. I’m hungry most of the time, thirsty a lot, I need to pee twice as many times as I actually do in a day, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for any other way of life. So to get through it I have been researching the terrible twos and looking for tips from seasoned SAHMs. I found this fantastic article about how the mind of a two year old works, it won’t take away all the chaos that is everyday but it helps. And from those moms who have it down to a science I’ve found I am a lot like the set out there who would rather do a puzzle with my kids than reorganize the toys, the kids don’t care if they are organized. I do envy the Self proclaimed OCD moms who clear the sink and the floor every night before bed, how nice to wake up to a clutter free start to the day, oh well guess I’ll never know what that’s like. And I don’t care if the bath toys sit in the bottom of the tub until tomorrows bath. The Washington Post published this story that gives a dose of reality to what a day in the life of a SAHM is all about. The line that hit home to me, “I’d rather not be that mom who ignores our kids, and myself, because I’m so busy worrying about what the neighbors might think of our messy house.”
Just for the record, my husband is pretty laid back about the kid clutter during the week, it’s me who has the though time deciding weather to organize the tornado or just play birthday party for the 18th time.

We had a photographer come take some family portraits of us. I’m really happy with how they turned out. I’ll share more of the photos when I get the CD but I yes one as our new image on top baby blogs. Please check it out by voting, click the Top Baby Blogs button to the right or below then the owl on the left. We are currently #30ish. Thank you

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Baby bites

by Juliemara




Noa loves food! It’s been about a week since we started giving her solids, so far she has had acorn squash and avacado. We started her off with the acorn squash once a day and already she is eating twice a day three servings total. She gobbles it all up. Sometimes she cries if I don’t give her more fast enough. Below is the video of the first time she ate solids. As a fair warning, it is not a very exciting video, I could watch it on repeat for a while, but you will probably get bored after the first 10 seconds, which is all you should really watch anyway.


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5 Months

by Juliemara


My little baby is five months old! I don’t like this one bit, its just one month away from 6 months and thats half a year, it was so fast! Miss Noa is talking up a storm these days. It’s all completely incoherent but she does have a lot to say, and she is loud. She will definitely be able to hold her own with her sisters.  She loves playing with her toys, she will play with them for 30 minutes if I let her. she is all smiles, as long as she’s not hungry. She sleeps on her tummy sometimes but is too lazy to turn back over on her back by herself when she gets sick of it and cries until I come turn her back over. Which I always do. I say lazy because all day long se rolls to her tummy and them back to her back when she want to. And just this week she started getting solids, and loves them! more on that tomorrow.

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by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan’s second year photo album. Check it out!

Click here to view this photo book larger

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.

now my goal is to get their third year caught up before their birthday, then it’s on to Noa’s. I can’t believe she’ll be five months next week.

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Chin up baby

by Juliemara

Getting there


There you go, you got it!


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She’s on the move

by Juliemara

She doesn’t do it every time and it’s usually when I’m not watching but baby Noa is rolling! It took her some time but she not goes from back to yummy and from tummy to back. Maybe it’s just mom paranoia but I think she is hesitant to roll to her tummy when she may bump the side of the toy and hesitant to roll from tummy to back because her head is so big she rolls really fast.

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