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Things they say..

by Juliemara








As the twins quickly approach their third birthday I cringe at the thought of my toddlers turning into little girls. Sure two toddlers is a handful and exhausting but oh the fun and laughs. I can’t count the number of times each day when their thoughts and actions make me roll with laughter. I know they will always make me smile and laugh but each year it will be for a different reason and their two year old humor will disappear never to return.

Jordan has recently started calling her sister “baba” I have no idea why but it is the cutest thing ever.

Talia loves to play pretend, when she pretends she’s leaving or is actually leaving she say “bye, see you later morrow.”

Abba often comes home with gifts and treats and each time Talia says “to me?” Instead of “for me”.

Jordan loves to ask what everyone’s name is but she has no idea which pronoun goes with which gender, so when the young man at the grocery store is checking us out and Jordan asks “what’s her name?” We get funny looks, I try to explain she’s only two.

Jordan is very curious, she is always asking about things belonging to people she saw a new pair of shoes I’d bought and didn’t recognize them, so she asked “who’s that somebody’s shoes?” Or in the car she’s always asking “who’s that somebody’s car?” Or about people, “what’s that somebody’s mommy?”

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