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Too soon

by Juliemara


Fleeting, that is the word my Instagram twin mom friend used to describe her experience with her third baby, her first two are boy/girl twins who spent their first months in the nicu. Although my girls came home with me I didn’t experience them like I am Noa. Mornings are ours, weather it’s home napping together or out running errands after dropping off Talia and Jordan at school, this time with my new born is a completely different experience. An alarmingly fleeting one.

Already in her short life I am packing away tiny outfits that she has grown out of. And just today I cancelled my amazon subscription to size one diapers because the ones I have will last until she can wear the next size up.

Meanwhile Talia and Jordan grew these really long arms and legs.

And while every day makes my tiny baby a little bigger, longer arms make for better hugs. And when My sweet Jordan pats my back when I hug her good night I realize babies are fun but little ladies will be too.

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  1. June 18, 2014

    I was crying myself putting away the newborn clithes. for me my little Leah just started looking like a baby instead of a newborn over the last 2 weeks and it breaks my heart. They grow up so fast!!!

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