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My bad

by Juliemara


My twins are at an age where I better mean what I say because they will remember and expect that it hold true. Well I made a mommy mistake with this one.

Thinking ahead to summer I discovered that the girls cute little gold saltwater sandals still fit them (they were big on them last summer) so I went a head and brought them back out. After a full day if playing at home it was time to go out for pizza, I could only find one of four pairs of sneakers so I put both girls in socks and sandals, fashion fail, I know, it was the best I could do in a hurry. The problem though, was not the fashion faux pas, it was that I had told Jordan earlier in the week that they were summer shoes, and when she asked if they were for the beach I said yes. So when I put them on her she assumed she was headed for the beach. And was soooo sad when we told her she was not. She even ran to get my husband a pair of “slippers” (flip flops, that were actually mine) for him to wear. She cried and cried, I felt really bad. I’m working on planning a late spring/early summer beach trip.

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