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Patience | Smiling Watermelon
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by Juliemara






Having a two year old is a lesson in patience. I don’t think it really matters how many two year olds you have, they will test you to your very limit. But slowly my husband and I are learning that despite their vastly improved vocabulary and concrete opinions the easiest way through any situation is tell them how it is and move quickly. Lately we have been experiencing temper tantrums on a more regular basis. It’s so frustrating that the easiest way to get through any situation is also the best way to guarantee these battles continue. Saying no and sticking to it teaches them they can’t have everything the moment they want it but it’s not easy to do. I try not to use empty threats that I won’t follow through on and my husband and I are constantly trying not to jump in and “help” the other when dealing with one if these tantrums. Since taking away a toy doesn’t mean anything to these two because they have a hundred other toys they like just as much I say do this now or you are going straight to bed without stories, that has been working pretty well. In the mornings I just turn off the lights and walk out the door, not once has anyone decided to stay behind, no matter how loud they cried that they didn’t want to go to school.

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