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Noa turns 1 month

by Juliemara





Noa turned one month old on the 17th. Her doctor visit was all good. She went from 7lbs 2oz at her two week to 8lbs 11oz at her one month. She is in the 37th percentile for weight. She grew an inch outer her at 20 something percentile for height. And her head is big, 50th ish percentile. The doctor prescribed her some baby reflux medicine because she would cry and spit up if I lay her down within an hour after she eats.

Aside from the reflux issue life with Noa is good. She is starting to enjoy her toys, and will spend 10 minutest here and there on her play gym or bouncy seat. She is always really calm when she is in her sisters room. And seems to like watching Talia and Jordan play. She is screaming less when I change her diaper and in the car.

I think most of the changes good and bad (aside from the ones having to do with the reflux) are because I am figuring her out, or making silly mistakes. Like eating almost all the chocolate chip brownies my sweet neighbor brought over which probably had a lot to do with Noa not wanting to sleep until 11pm. I’m tired, maybe I should eat a brownie.

Noa is exclusively breast milk fed. I’m really happy I am able to do this because it means great nutrition for her an almost no bottle cleaning for me! I do pump every few days because I have over supply which can become painful. I also want to have backup saved so that if we need it, we have it. Noa gets a bottle of less than an ounce of breast milk at the start of two feedings a day with her reflux medicine mixed in. She spit it all out when I tried to give it to her directly.

I have no issue with formula feeding babies. I completely trust the nutrition it provides. The twins were fed supplements of formula from day one and they were and are very healthy strong toddlers.

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  1. March 23, 2014

    Your baby looks so cute Juliemara! Really love the pictures đŸ™‚
    Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    Hug, Cathy

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