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Noa’s First Doctors Visit

by Juliemara


It was a morning of many firsts for all the girls. We moved Talia and Jordan to row C seats 1 & 3 and Noa got row B seat 1. Seat 2 is currently in storage until Talia and Jordan Learn to buckle themselves. Any passenger wishing to ride in row C seat 2 must measure no more than 6 inches wide. Talia and Jordan seem to really like the way back, but for some reason I can’t quite figure out, they both love seat 1 behind Noa.

As for the doctors appointment at almost two weeks old, everything went well, Noa is gaining weight at the acceptable rate .5-.75ozs per day. She was up to 7.2lbs. She was 7.4lbs at birth and dropped down to 6.12 lbs in the hospital. According to the pediatrician Noa grew 1/2 inch in less than two weeks making her 19 1/2 inches, seems like a lot to me.
Maybe it’s true she’s already growing out of her clothes!
Everything else checked out normal and healthy. I love all the reassuring tidbits they give you at these newborn visits. It’s like a crash course in keeping baby alive while not freaking yourself out over every little thing. My favorite advice this visit was squinting, grunting, and hiccups are all normal when baby is trying to poop.

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