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Ahh by self

by Juliemara



Ah by self (all by myself), the current theme of the day at our house. Two very independent ladies want to do everything all by there selves. They are getting pretty good at it too. Putting on socks and shoes, cutting food, buckling booster seats, flossing teeth, squirting the lotion in their hands. Most of these activities are done supervised for safety and when they get frustrated I can step in to help. And the lotion can get pretty messy very quickly.

But lately I have been trying to avoid messes as much as possible because cleaning them up is nearly impossible. But I can’t put two year olds on hold. So things are a bit messy and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Two is fun, it’s more of a test than an experience. My favorite is when I say yes, but since they assumed the answer would be no the tantrum ensues for no reason at all. Love those little moments.

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