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2014 | Smiling Watermelon
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10 Months

by Juliemara


photo by Rachel

Baaaaabyyyyyy, stop getting older! You are only 10 months but I’m pretty sure you think you are three like your sisters.  It’s starting to really bother you that you can’t hop up onto the couch and bed like they do, so I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before you figure it out. You stood on your own once, so I know you can do it. But with two little helpers and your booming voice you don’t have to go very far to get what yo want. You might be the happiest baby ever, and I’m not just saying that because you are mine, you really do smile all the time and you full out giggle at almost any entertainment. Your favorite activities are the parachute at Gymboree, the slide, anything outside and of course eating. You are a really good eater. Fruits are your favorite especially grapes and blueberries, you love tomatoes and cucumbers, chicken and fish. I finally got you to eat avocado by spreading it on an english muffin, and you can just about eat your weight in broccoli and cauliflower. This past week I registered you for school for next year, that was surreal. I know you will love it, but the thought of sending off my tiny baby makes my heart heavy. I love you baby girl. I love how you play and talk and love. I’m sorry you have the cold of all colds but as soon as it’s over you are welcome to start sleeping through the night.  Love, Mommy.


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First dentist visit

by Juliemara

IMG_0751.JPG IMG_0753.JPG IMG_0755.JPG

Today was one of those times when I realized too late that it wf those times I needed to have my mommy A game on. All day I thought I was on the right track preparing my children for their first visit to the dentist. We had talked about going for a couple of weeks and they had a dentist visit their class at school, so they knew a little of what to expect. It was just me with all three so I had an ample supply of food and distractions for a potential long wait. Luckily the paperwork was minimal and the wait wasn’t much. But when we got into the room and Jordan sat on the chair and opened wide I realized I had failed twice. Despite the fact that she was acting like such a big girl I could tell she was terrified, I wish I had thought to bring their loveys for them to hold on to during the cleaning. Then as the dental hygienist skillfully addressed my children to get them comfortable and excited about all the tools and instruments I realized I should have read them a book or two about visiting the dentist. But I was so focused on remembering the appointment that I forgot this important step when introducing young children to a new and potentially scary experience. Despite my mommy mess ups Talia and Jordan were star patients, not a tear, or a whine. And it was well worth the bag full of goodies to bring home at the end.

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Jordan said..

by Juliemara

Jordan did while looking at a photo from our wedding day,
“You got married.”
Me, “yes, we got married.”
“Why were you wearing a veil?”
Me, “because when you get married you wear a veil.”
“And abba wore his Shabbat shirt.”
Me, “yes, abba wore his Shabbat shirt.”
(Then she got a sad look).
Me, “what’s wrong.”
“Why wasn’t I there?”
Me, “because it was a long time ago, before you were born.”
“But next time I can come!”
Me, “yes, next time you can come.”
“And I’ll wear a veil just like you.”
Me, “yes, you can wear a veil just like me.”

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Oh the places you can go…

by Juliemara


Baby girl, you can do it. You are a crawler! you are so cute when you do. Most of the time you move carefully, slowly as if you are moving across thin ice. But when your sister are involved, you move like you’ve always known how to. My favorite is when you get your little hip caught up on a corner. You’ll learn. You pretty much use your new skill to keep up with the action when Jordan and Talia are home and follow me around when they are not. Part of me knows that you would have so much fun in a daycare, but I’d miss you too much, so story time at the library, Gymboree and playdates will have to do for now. You are such a fun little baby. You nap when you have the chance, if you get woken up by the screaming choir you are usually just as happy to be entertained by them. You love other babies and show that love and friendship by a good head butt. Another one of your best new tricks is mimicking children screaming or dogs barking. you have the sweetest babble and your two bottom teeth are finally making a very slow appearance. I love you so much baby girl. Happy 9 months.

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on the move

by Juliemara

It’s official Noa is a crawler. After several months of threatening this major change in all of our lives we are in the thick of it. Running to close doors, remove leaves, paper, other small objects from her mouth, move whatever Talia and Jordan are working on to high ground before it gets knocked over, or worse, eaten. It’s so cute to watch her crawl and it makes me smile to know that now she can join the fun where ever it may be happening. Almost  ,she still has to master the two treacherous steps between the playroom and the living room. And then I remember with each of the great milestones reached my baby gets that much closer to not being a baby. slow down time, you move too fast. Congratulations to my friend and fellow twin mom Taylor on the birth of her baby boys Mason and Parker. Welcome to the world little ones.

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Kids make a mess

by Juliemara



It’s amazing what they are capable of when it comes to disorganization. The neater I arrange the toys, their clothes, the couch pillows, the bigger the mess it will be within an hour or so. It’s really impossible to keep up with them. So, my strategy is to just not keep up with them, instead, at the end if the day either right before bed they “help” clean up their toys or right after I do as much as I can before I just want to fall over. Anybody have ideas if how to get kids to be organized and play clean? Or is it hopeless? It’s not the worst thing in the world, I didn’t clean much that I remember when I was a kid, and I turned out all right. And thanks to the world if blogging there are even blogs about how to clean your house, better, faster and more green.

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8 months

by Juliemara



Not the best photo of our day at the pumpkin patch but the sun was shining so brightly in my sweet baby’s eyes. She has been keeping me busy, especially at night, when she likes me to come and remind her every few hours that she is safe and loved. But I’m ok with that, sure I’m tired, but how long is a baby a baby? Not that long and mine is on the closer side to being a toddler. So if a little less sleep means a little more time to kiss those squishy cheeks and watch her curl her tiny fingers around the tag on her lovey, I’m ok with it.

She’s been threatening to crawl for a few months, I’m sure she would like to but she really doesn’t have where to go. Even a tiny noise from her brings an array of toy choices thrown within arms reach and when the crew moves our nanny or myself gladly move her along too. She desperately wants to participate in every activity she sees her sisters doing. She tries to fling herself out of my arms to the ground. I know she can’t go anywhere so I ask, “Noa, where are you going to go?” She went to her first live stage performance and loved every minute of it. We went to the Theater for the Very Young. An informal short theatrical production that lets toddlers use their imaginations and interact with the actors. But little Noa enjoyed it just as much.

We were in Israel for most of the month of September. One day I will get around to posting some photos. Check Facebook every once in a while I may just make an album there to share. It was so hot that a lot of the days were spent indoors. Towards the end of our stay Noa started to participate a little more at the spray ground or play centers we went to. It feels funny to travel to the other side of the world and not take a single tour or see a single ancient ruin. But traveling with kids is work, so we took it easy, we went to playgrounds around the neighborhood, petting zoos and three story padded play areas inside malls. We spent time with family and together as a family. It was a good learning experience for next time. We now know that no matter how long we are away, a few days or a few weeks, the only way to make the trip a success is to have a schedule and stick to it. The kids have to know what to expect or they will go a little crazy with the loss of control. And one day, a long time from now when our girls are seven and nine. maybe then we will make it back to that little spot in the desert that is Israel to me.

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Toddler Ballet

by Juliemara

I’m back, apparently my blog was sick, but it’s all better now.

I’ve got a lot if catching up to do but for now I want to share a video our nanny took of Talia and Jordan’s first Ballet class this school year. Talia and Jordan are the ones in the dance leos without a tutu. Don’t worry they are in their way.


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My inspiration

by Juliemara

Photo credits
1. Joy Prouty
Mom to 4. From CA. Sold everything to take a trip for a year in a trailer, it broke down after four months. Found a farm to live on in Washington state. Travels for work.
2. Melissa Jordan
Mom to 2, really close together. Works full time. Husband is a musician/stay at home dad. Lives in NC.
3. Kassi Baquet
Mom to 5, the youngest are twins, recently moved from south Texas to CA. She is gorgeous. Her youngest son has CF.

Every morning when I see my beautiful little girls faces I am inspired to get the day going and make it the best it can be for them and me. By the end of the day I’ve lost all my inspiration, and usually most of my patience. And so after all my babies have been put to bed I turn on my phone and search for some more inspiration to get me through the night. My nights still consist of waking at least twice to settle Noa and once for one of the twins. I have become all but addicted to Instagram. I follow a community of creatives from all over the world. Most of them are small business owners, many of them moms, and they all capture beautiful images of everyday moments that make me want to find more beauty in my everyday. But the truly inspiring part of seeing a snap shot into these peoples lives are the captions that accompany the pictures. They are honest and not nearly as perfect as the picture above may seem. They tell about a hard day, or being up all night with a sick child, they are worried as to how they will pay the next bill and they feel like the little time they have with their children is too quickly slipping away. I don’t know these women personally but I would like to think that if our paths ever crossed we could sit and have coffee and talk like old friends while our children played in a beautiful field. But until then, I’ll keep visiting Instagram each night, and find those little reminders that it’s hard for everyone for different reasons, it’s ok to not be perfect, or the best because all that really matters to them are hugs and food. I’m still trying to get Jordan to understand that clothing is not optional.

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You’re not allowed to do that

by Juliemara

This post should probably be about my two-year-olds. But that would be a very very very long and probably boring post. This one is about Noah, at six-month-old baby is trying to crawl. She’s not supposed to do that. She supposed to stay My Baby. But this little one is on a mission to keep up with her sisters.

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