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30 Weeks | Smiling Watermelon
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30 Weeks

by Juliemara






20131213-095003.jpg30 weeks pregnant + twins + physically exhausting job = little to no blogging. I love blogging, I love keeping you all up to date on my sweet girls and what our family is up to, but I can’t seem to get my thoughts and photos organized enough to make it happen before I fall asleep as often as I use to.



I feel great for the most part, far better than I did at the same point in my first pregnancy. It’s not constantly on my mind, but I am quickly reminded of the baby growing in my lap when I try to stand, pick up toys or move through a reasonable size space that I no longer fit in. I have gained 24 pounds so far, that’s really the max and I still have two months to go, eek. People are so nice they say things like “you are all baby”, “you don’t even look pregnant aside form you belly”. Really? Because I saw my rear today, NOT PRETTY. I am so not into the pregnancy fatness this time around, and I was twice the size last time!  Baby girl kicks away all day long and goes for a swim around 10 each night, I wonder if that has anything to do with the ice cream and chocolate I eat right before I go to bed?



I have all these little bits of fun things that I want to share, but I feel so behind in sharing and the girls keep doing new crazy things every day I just can’t keep up.  Their communication amazes us daily. They have all these little fun things they say. Like “Plenty” what two year old says plenty when she has more than she can hold of anything (Jordan) or “hind you me” when something is behind her (Jordan). Talia uses her communication to clarify what she does and does not want “not my cup” if the cup of milk I hand her is anything but blue. “Close it” when I am not moving fast enough while changing her diaper, “more lovey” when one is just not enough. “What’s ‘dis called” When She doesn’t know the name for something.

They still don’t sleep all the way through the night most nights and now Talia has learned how to climb from her crib to Jordans’, head first, of course.  While away for the Thanksgiving holiday the girls learned how to climb in and out of their portable cribs which sit much lower to the ground than the ones they have at home. I knew this was the first step to the end of the crib. Which I’m fine with, since half the time they end up in our bed anyway. At least if they are in toddler beds they can come in my room themselves without me having to get out of bed to go get them. And, I LOVE their toddler beds, which have been patiently waiting in the basement since before they were born. Our doctor recommended that if they climb out of their crib to just put them back in, if they fall on their head they will probably only do it once.

They are the most loving little people, they love to snuggle and hug and I could kiss and squeeze them all day long.

More of my ramblings later and maybe a coherent helpful post someday too.

Thanks for following along!

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