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A few months from now

by Juliemara

A few months from now I hope to read back on this post and see that I was right. That life is back to normal and things are easy to do normally again.

Right now I’m pregnant, in three months I won’t be, instead I’ll have a newborn.

This pregnancy is nothing like my first one, it is a walk in the park comparatively. At the same point last time I went on disability because the carpal tunnel syndrome had made it impossible for me to use my hands to work, or do anything for that matter. I wasn’t sleeping, I itched, I couldn’t breath, I could barley walk. This time I feel mostly great aside from a little lower back pain and the heaviness of the belly that makes doing everything more difficult and uncomfortable. And when I do try to lay on my back, even propped up on the couch it feels like Talia or Jordan siting on my abdomen, because I have gained exactly the amount of weight that each of them weighs.

I always knew I wanted to be pregnant more than once in my life, I couldn’t imagine never knowing how another pregnancy would be different. I was pretty sure I didn’t like being pregnant the first time, this time, I am completely sure of it. Not to say I wouldn’t do it again, I am a big fan of the outcome, but I am certainly not one of those women who loves being pregnant. I’ve been asked a few times if it feels different carrying one baby as oppose to two, and the answer is yes, very different. Kind of how bumping your shin or breaking your leg are very different. But the most fascinating difference of this pregnancy is the amount this baby moves. All day and all night every day, I can feel it high and low and see it most if the time. When I lay down it feels as though she’s going swimming, kicking her little legs as fast as she can. I was concerned because the movement seemed a bit erratic for a fetus so I asked my doctor about it. And she assured me that’s what babies do while growing, except when they don’t have enough room. The super quick movements is the babies startle reflex in action. The same one that makes them reach to the sky with a closed fist when laying down in the first few days after birth.

I know that the first two weeks after baby girl is born won’t be much fun. As with the twins I will have a c-section and recovery from this surgery is no walk in the park. I knew after the girls were born that this would be the case for any future births with my doctor. And although a part of me will always feel a little sad that I never got to experience natural child birth, with or without medication, I trust my doctor and her way of practicing and am ok with the plan as is. After the recovery period I am hoping that I quickly find my groove with three, and despite the busy schedule a newborn demands, try to enjoy the last two months of my maternity leave.





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My little helpers

by Juliemara





I have always been crafty and handy. As a kid I would take apart my dad’s model cars and put them back together. I loved Legos and every type of art. I loved helping in the yard, I even grew tomatoes with the seeds from a tomato my mom was cutting for dinner salads. I never actually ate the tomatoes because this was before I liked them.

As I got older I got very confident with installing shelving and curtains in each if the places I lived. I even made my sister a window valence and could put together kit furniture in minutes.

Now that I am a real adult my taste in furniture has changed but I just can’t justify the thousands of dollars good looking furniture costs, especially when it’s not exactly what I want.

For a few years I have been following Shanty to Chic blog, these talented ladies take inspiration from pottery barn and Restoration Hardwear and with the help of plans from Ana White, build beautiful inexpensive real wood furniture and accessories for every room in their house.

I can’t wait to have the time to do these kind of projects around our house and involve the girls when they get a little older. Until now they are really good helpers in the kitchen, assembling small items and changing batteries.

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30 Weeks

by Juliemara






20131213-095003.jpg30 weeks pregnant + twins + physically exhausting job = little to no blogging. I love blogging, I love keeping you all up to date on my sweet girls and what our family is up to, but I can’t seem to get my thoughts and photos organized enough to make it happen before I fall asleep as often as I use to.



I feel great for the most part, far better than I did at the same point in my first pregnancy. It’s not constantly on my mind, but I am quickly reminded of the baby growing in my lap when I try to stand, pick up toys or move through a reasonable size space that I no longer fit in. I have gained 24 pounds so far, that’s really the max and I still have two months to go, eek. People are so nice they say things like “you are all baby”, “you don’t even look pregnant aside form you belly”. Really? Because I saw my rear today, NOT PRETTY. I am so not into the pregnancy fatness this time around, and I was twice the size last time!  Baby girl kicks away all day long and goes for a swim around 10 each night, I wonder if that has anything to do with the ice cream and chocolate I eat right before I go to bed?



I have all these little bits of fun things that I want to share, but I feel so behind in sharing and the girls keep doing new crazy things every day I just can’t keep up.  Their communication amazes us daily. They have all these little fun things they say. Like “Plenty” what two year old says plenty when she has more than she can hold of anything (Jordan) or “hind you me” when something is behind her (Jordan). Talia uses her communication to clarify what she does and does not want “not my cup” if the cup of milk I hand her is anything but blue. “Close it” when I am not moving fast enough while changing her diaper, “more lovey” when one is just not enough. “What’s ‘dis called” When She doesn’t know the name for something.

They still don’t sleep all the way through the night most nights and now Talia has learned how to climb from her crib to Jordans’, head first, of course.  While away for the Thanksgiving holiday the girls learned how to climb in and out of their portable cribs which sit much lower to the ground than the ones they have at home. I knew this was the first step to the end of the crib. Which I’m fine with, since half the time they end up in our bed anyway. At least if they are in toddler beds they can come in my room themselves without me having to get out of bed to go get them. And, I LOVE their toddler beds, which have been patiently waiting in the basement since before they were born. Our doctor recommended that if they climb out of their crib to just put them back in, if they fall on their head they will probably only do it once.

They are the most loving little people, they love to snuggle and hug and I could kiss and squeeze them all day long.

More of my ramblings later and maybe a coherent helpful post someday too.

Thanks for following along!

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Abbas toy

by Juliemara

The girls loved their Abbas Chanukah gift



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A Whole Slew of Celebrations

by Juliemara


20131129-220445.jpgkids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukka kids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukkakids_channukka

This Past week was the tri-fecta of celebration in our would. It snuck up on me and for yet another year I felt ill prepared for most of it. First, there was Wednesday, not only the first night of Chanukah, but it was also my Birthday, so their were two sets of candles to light. I’m not a big birthday person I just enjoy being with family and the guarantee of cake that I will enjoy. With Thursday brought the second night of Chanukah and of course, Thanksgiving. While there are no candles for Thanksgiving the combination of the two holidays, dubbed Thanksgivakkah, which I don’t really like as a name because I cant spell or pronounce it very well, made for a very festive day all around. And Friday, the third night of Chanukah also meant we celebrated Shabbat, which in our family is like a mini Thanksgiving each week.

Talia and Jordan have been learning about Chanukah at school, from myself and their nanny for the past couple of weeks. They were pretty familiar with all the important aspects of the holiday by the time wednesday came around. And it really only took one night for them to learn that after candles comes gifts. Their excitement for opening presents almost makes you feel that extravagant gifts would be worth it, almost. Talia and Jordan get mostly small things , stickers, books, etc. My parents give them some toys and my husband parents bought them tri-cycles, but these two have pretty much everything, so we try to keep it low key.

Our Thanksgiving traditions have changed over the years. When I was very young we would travel to Atlanta from North Carolina every year to spend the holiday with my Mom brothers family. In our college years making this trip as a family became impossible with school and studying schedules so we would spend the holiday with my Dads family locally in North Carolina. For the past half decade we have been spending the holiday at a lake house outside of Atlanta. It’s easier for all of us with the little ones to be in one  place where they can all play together and be a little free outside. We are usually joined by some extended family and friends for the main event. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is our dinner service schedule, we do appetizers at 1pm, supper at 4pm and desert at 6pm. The amount of food we are capable of consuming by spreading out the courses over the whole day is quite remarkable. Kudos to my sister for starting this tradition.

And now my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving, just to clarify) has come and gone. These days I always think about what next year at this time will be like in comparison. For one, I will have a 9 month old, my other sister will be here with her family (they take turns with us and the in-laws) and who knows what else the next year will bring, I am thankful for the good that I know is coming and for the surprises that await.

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