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Reasoning with a two year old

by Juliemara


We had a family of friends over for dinner whom had us at their home the day before for their daughters birthday party. She is just a few weeks younger than the girls. Talia was having a fit when our guest started playing with a stuffed doggy that actually belong to Jordan but had been with her all day. Through the whining and tears I explained to her that when we were at Livia’s house all the toys she played with belong to Livia and she didn’t get upset with Talia playing with them. I reminded her of a few specific toys that she had played with. She looked at me, stopped crying and went on with life. I am so proud of my girls for remembering the things they do and starting to be able to understand how these acts relate to one another. I learned from my sister, who has older children, that reasoning with a toddler is a useless task, but it is still important to teach and explain to them why things are they way they are, hence my little lesson on sharing. Had she continued her little tirade I would have just ignored her and she would have gotten over it sooner or later, but she understood me and moved on. They are such good girls.


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