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Three feet tall | Smiling Watermelon
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Three feet tall

by Juliemara








We added another mark to the vintage ruler growth chart I made last year to keep track of the girls height. This was the third mars the first was at one year old and the second at 18 months. I can’t believe how much they grew in the past six months. I knew their little legs were looking longer but a whole inch longer! The girls are both 3 feet 1/16th inch tall.
We go for their two year check up at the end of the month where we will get their official weight. When I weighed them last week they both weighed 24.6 pounds. It’s probably somewhere in the middle of what kids their age weigh.
Another year, another inch, time is racing and I am loving every minute of it. It will be fun to see when baby girl number three lands on the growth chart at the same ages.

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