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The Second Birthday | Smiling Watermelon
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The Second Birthday

by Juliemara

Mickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayI loved Talia and Jordan’s Birthday party. We got so lucky and had a perfect weather day. It was a much more laid back calm event compared to their first birthday and although I was still a bit of a stressed busy bee, it was nothing compared to their first.

We shared the day with a handful of toddler friends, their parents and some close relatives. We had all kinds of activities for the kids and plenty of food for the grown ups. Since we had one year olds, two year olds and four year olds there was a little something for everyone. Initial canvas painting, bounce house, a sandbox a bubble machine, a swing set, arts and crafts station, a chalk board and a play dough station. There really wasn’t enough time for everyone to do everything but there was plenty for everyone to do. The sand box was new to Talia and Jordan, we installed it just the day before, excited about their birthday gift, spent most of the day playing there together.  We had a late afternoon birthday and served a light dinner, it was the perfect time for the event being the middle of October. Not too hot, the backyard was shady and the bees had all gone to rest for the day. I decided Talia and Jordan’s birthday will always be in the evening if held at our home.

I know it’s not really possible but it seemed that over night the girls went from being babies to being little girls. I could go on and on about the bitter sweetness of this second birthday, but if you are a mom there’s no need for me to rehash the battle of emotions of watching your children grow and more than likely I’ll just make myself sad thinking about how fast the years are passing and how quickly things are changing. Getting easier, and getting harder depending on the moment. I promise I will try my best to share as many of those moments as I can this year.

Happy Birthday Talia and Jordan I am so proud to be your mama. You are cute and smart and beautiful and funny and your Aba and I love you.

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