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Together again

by Juliemara

For the first time since our wedding in 2010 my husbands entire family was together, with us, here in Atlanta. Over the last two years everyone had come to visit, and see the girls growing, but never all at the same time. With everyone but his brother living overseas, coordinating time off from work was a challenge.
But everyone made it happen and for a long weekend the girls were showered with gifts and love and attention. They went out and played all day every day, ate yummy homemade food, and had playmates ready to entertain morning to night.
It was so cute to hear the girls call their relatives by name for the first time, my husbands brother, Dod (uncle) Ben, his sister, ceel-ya (Cilla), his mother, Safa (Safta-grandma), and father, Saba ( grandfather).
Everyone has since headed home, expect Safta who is staying to celebrate the girls 2nd birthday this coming weekend. Hopefully we won’t wait another three years to be all together again.

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