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2013 October | Smiling Watermelon
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Good morning

by Juliemara


Have a great week.

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Three feet tall

by Juliemara








We added another mark to the vintage ruler growth chart I made last year to keep track of the girls height. This was the third mars the first was at one year old and the second at 18 months. I can’t believe how much they grew in the past six months. I knew their little legs were looking longer but a whole inch longer! The girls are both 3 feet 1/16th inch tall.
We go for their two year check up at the end of the month where we will get their official weight. When I weighed them last week they both weighed 24.6 pounds. It’s probably somewhere in the middle of what kids their age weigh.
Another year, another inch, time is racing and I am loving every minute of it. It will be fun to see when baby girl number three lands on the growth chart at the same ages.

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by Juliemara


I’m now 22 weeks with this little baby. Which we found out some time ago is a little lady. Lucky girl she is being born into a wardrobe that most adults would covet. Speaking from experience, being the youngest of three girls has it’s perks.

Since I have everything I could possibly need for a little girl, most of which is pink, new things for this baby are going to be things that I like right now. I need to find time to clear out our tiny guestroom to turn it into a tiny nursery. I’m going neutral, sweet and simple with this one. A natural wood IKEA crib, super soft over sized lambskin rug from Costco, an indulgent glider for me, the most adorable animal photography I’ve ever seen and a few fun and functional trinkets.


I could decorate and redecorate kids rooms over and over if I had the time.




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Funny faces

by Juliemara




Just some fun pics of the girls.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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The Second Birthday

by Juliemara

Mickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayMickey_mouse_birthdayI loved Talia and Jordan’s Birthday party. We got so lucky and had a perfect weather day. It was a much more laid back calm event compared to their first birthday and although I was still a bit of a stressed busy bee, it was nothing compared to their first.

We shared the day with a handful of toddler friends, their parents and some close relatives. We had all kinds of activities for the kids and plenty of food for the grown ups. Since we had one year olds, two year olds and four year olds there was a little something for everyone. Initial canvas painting, bounce house, a sandbox a bubble machine, a swing set, arts and crafts station, a chalk board and a play dough station. There really wasn’t enough time for everyone to do everything but there was plenty for everyone to do. The sand box was new to Talia and Jordan, we installed it just the day before, excited about their birthday gift, spent most of the day playing there together.  We had a late afternoon birthday and served a light dinner, it was the perfect time for the event being the middle of October. Not too hot, the backyard was shady and the bees had all gone to rest for the day. I decided Talia and Jordan’s birthday will always be in the evening if held at our home.

I know it’s not really possible but it seemed that over night the girls went from being babies to being little girls. I could go on and on about the bitter sweetness of this second birthday, but if you are a mom there’s no need for me to rehash the battle of emotions of watching your children grow and more than likely I’ll just make myself sad thinking about how fast the years are passing and how quickly things are changing. Getting easier, and getting harder depending on the moment. I promise I will try my best to share as many of those moments as I can this year.

Happy Birthday Talia and Jordan I am so proud to be your mama. You are cute and smart and beautiful and funny and your Aba and I love you.

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Talking up a storm

by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan have been talking up a storm. They speak in four or five word broken English sentences and fill in about half their words with Hebrew. They are also remembering more of the words to their favorite songs and singing them on their own.


While looking at a picture of an eight armed sea creature , she identifies, “appa-sauce” (octopus).


While playing with play dough she rolled out a small piece and declared it a snake, then handed it to me saying “make you”.

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by Juliemara




Talia and Jordan Turned two on Saturday. They slept in the latest they had ever slept and woke to a bunch of gifts to open and cards to read. We threw a backyard party that evening with friends and family and it was a great success. Details to come.

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Together again

by Juliemara

For the first time since our wedding in 2010 my husbands entire family was together, with us, here in Atlanta. Over the last two years everyone had come to visit, and see the girls growing, but never all at the same time. With everyone but his brother living overseas, coordinating time off from work was a challenge.
But everyone made it happen and for a long weekend the girls were showered with gifts and love and attention. They went out and played all day every day, ate yummy homemade food, and had playmates ready to entertain morning to night.
It was so cute to hear the girls call their relatives by name for the first time, my husbands brother, Dod (uncle) Ben, his sister, ceel-ya (Cilla), his mother, Safa (Safta-grandma), and father, Saba ( grandfather).
Everyone has since headed home, expect Safta who is staying to celebrate the girls 2nd birthday this coming weekend. Hopefully we won’t wait another three years to be all together again.

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Funny Faces

by Juliemara










I really like toddlers, they are funny little people, when you hug them, they hug you back, their words, each one is purposeful and important.
The girls are just a week away from their second birthday, two years and somehow I don’t feel like I have much more of a grasp today on the endless tasks that need to get done each day than I did when they were just a few months. But it’s the little bits of their personalities that I see emerging each day that keep me excited for the next and the day after that. Sure, going and doing endlessly on the weekends after working all week is exhausting, but I cherish seeing the girls experience new things on our adventures.
I know this post is a little scattered but that’s just me these days.
I wish I had the words to describe the ridiculous cuteness that is my sweet Talia as she stood at the sink, filling a cup with water and pouring it on the counter, and the way she looked at me our of the corner of her eye knowing water stays in the sink. And yet this same little rascal loves when I hold her like a baby as she drinks her milk before bed and mushes her lovely with her perfect little fingers.
I wish I could record every sweet word that comes from Jordan’s mouth. Just this morning she was laying in bed with me and heard her Talia coming down the hall, she sat up and got so excited an yelled “Sista!”. When she picks up a heavy object she narrates “lif it up”. And when she does something to make us laugh she confirms “Jodan fun nee, ha ha”.

I can’t wait for them to wake up tommorw.

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New Pjs

by Juliemara

Talia in Pink, Jordan falling asleep
The girls got new pjs. Size 24 months and some 2t’s. I think it’s a bit crazy that stores sell both these sizes and I work for the baby clothing company. It means the same thing, but apparently a chubby two-year old kid wears 2t while a skinny one wears 24 months, but it doesn’t say that anywhere. Another one of those things moms are just suppose to know or hope someone tells them. Kind of like its ok for kids to watch the iPad at a restaurant if it means you get to actually eat the food you’ve ordered. I’m not sure how I feel about this one, I guess it depends how hungry I am.

The girls keep getting longer, their hair is getting curlier, they are talking up a storm and sleeping through the night ( thanks to an overall nap shortening regimen) and I’ve been working on a big post of things to come, be patient and stay tuned.

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