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Looking ahead

by Juliemara


We are staring to think ahead to what it will be like to have a newborn baby in the house again. In about 20 short weeks we will will have just that. Baby #3 will be joining our gang.

Being pregnant this time is a very different experience than it was last time, at least so far. I’m much smaller now than I was at the same point with the girls. But the biggest difference is the amount of time I have to relax with my feet up. It’s not much more than it was before I was pregnant. I have chosen to relax on the couch rather than sit at the computer, hence the lack of blog posting lately. But for the most part life with two toddlers has gone on as usual. I tell the girls we are going to get a baby, they kiss my belly and call it ‘baby hallie’, which is the name of their friends baby sister.

This pregnancy has come with a twinge of bitter sweetness, we are so lucky to have two healthy children and another fairly easily obtained pregnancy moving right along. But all around us women struggle daily with the seemingly endless wait for the baby they want so dearly to grow inside them.

So for now we are enjoying Talia and Jordan’s crazy toddlerhood, I’m taking as good care of my self as possible and
Getting excited to celebrate the addition of a tiny human to our crew.

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