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A wannabe

by Juliemara


I’m a wannabe, I want to be a farmer with chickens that lay eggs in white and browns and blue. I want goats that give milk that I can make cheese from. I’d like a garden that grows veggies year round. I’d plant new seeds every week so that we always have garden fresh veggies and herbs on our table.

But being away from home 11 hours a day and only having an hour or so of daylight when I get home, these goals are a little ambitious for this year. So we are starting small. We bought a package of mixed flowers from Costco that we will plant around the yard. They’ll bloom in the spring.

I’m pretty confident we can make this happen, last year we planted three tulip bulbs, and much to my surprise they grew! Tall and lovely, then the girls destroyed them.
And i caught it on video

We only got around to getting three in the ground because the ground was so hard. We neglected our yard for quite a while when we first moved in since we were pretty busy with two newborns.

And while playing in the dirt after bath isn’t the most practical thing, my girls love being outside, so even if its only 20 minutes a day, it’s 20 more minutes of do anything time than we use to have when the girls were even just a few months younger and it’s a special 20 minutes to me.

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