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The very first day of school | Smiling Watermelon
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The very first day of school

by Juliemara


















Talia and Jordan started preschool this fall. We chose a five morning a week program at a small religious based preschool. We were drawn to it because if the incredible warm teachers and staff and for us the Jewish based learning program was important. Despite being in a modular unit until the schools new building is ready in February, the classroom is bright and cheerful with lots learning materials on the walls. Just outside the girls classroom is an indoor “play yard”. The big room reminds me a lot of our home with toys lining the walls.
We woke early this past Thursday, got everybody dressed and ready, took our pictures and headed off to school. After the coaching we’d revived from the head of school at parents night on saying goodbye the first day quickly we thought our girls would hardly notice us leaving, soooo not the case. They did not want us going anywhere without them, through tears and clinging, we left and went to the parking lot. After several minutes I called the main office and asked them to check on the girls, they were fine. No crying, playing happily.
We went together to have breakfast and retuned after and hour and half. The girls were crying when we retuned but turns out had just started moments before, the rest of the time they had been fine. We stayed and played a bit then took them home early. The next day I dropped them off quickly and their nanny picked them up after lunch. Aside from a bit of tears in the morning the report was the had fun all day. And this morning when I asked Jordan if she wanted to go to school today she said “yes”. And this coming from the girl who says “no” to everything, that’s saying a lot.

On Talia: top, Mini Boden, jeggings, Old Navy, sandals, Saltwater.
On Jordan: top, Mini Boden, jeggings, Old Navy, sandals, Saltwater.
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