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Looking ahead

by Juliemara


We are staring to think ahead to what it will be like to have a newborn baby in the house again. In about 20 short weeks we will will have just that. Baby #3 will be joining our gang.

Being pregnant this time is a very different experience than it was last time, at least so far. I’m much smaller now than I was at the same point with the girls. But the biggest difference is the amount of time I have to relax with my feet up. It’s not much more than it was before I was pregnant. I have chosen to relax on the couch rather than sit at the computer, hence the lack of blog posting lately. But for the most part life with two toddlers has gone on as usual. I tell the girls we are going to get a baby, they kiss my belly and call it ‘baby hallie’, which is the name of their friends baby sister.

This pregnancy has come with a twinge of bitter sweetness, we are so lucky to have two healthy children and another fairly easily obtained pregnancy moving right along. But all around us women struggle daily with the seemingly endless wait for the baby they want so dearly to grow inside them.

So for now we are enjoying Talia and Jordan’s crazy toddlerhood, I’m taking as good care of my self as possible and
Getting excited to celebrate the addition of a tiny human to our crew.

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Miss Jordan Mia

by Juliemara

Miss Jordan knows when how to make us laugh, she knows when she’s being cute and when she’s being funny. The entertainment value of a toddler, let alone two, is priceless.

If you need some to go kid entertainment 20+ great kid apps are free until 10pm tonight. Go get them!

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A wannabe

by Juliemara


I’m a wannabe, I want to be a farmer with chickens that lay eggs in white and browns and blue. I want goats that give milk that I can make cheese from. I’d like a garden that grows veggies year round. I’d plant new seeds every week so that we always have garden fresh veggies and herbs on our table.

But being away from home 11 hours a day and only having an hour or so of daylight when I get home, these goals are a little ambitious for this year. So we are starting small. We bought a package of mixed flowers from Costco that we will plant around the yard. They’ll bloom in the spring.

I’m pretty confident we can make this happen, last year we planted three tulip bulbs, and much to my surprise they grew! Tall and lovely, then the girls destroyed them.
And i caught it on video

We only got around to getting three in the ground because the ground was so hard. We neglected our yard for quite a while when we first moved in since we were pretty busy with two newborns.

And while playing in the dirt after bath isn’t the most practical thing, my girls love being outside, so even if its only 20 minutes a day, it’s 20 more minutes of do anything time than we use to have when the girls were even just a few months younger and it’s a special 20 minutes to me.

Please take a minute to vote for us for Top Baby Blogs. The list did a reset so I need your help to get my ranking back up. Thank you.

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by Juliemara


Jordan, poor thing has been teething her back molars for two weeks bowl
Talia, could have ridden every animal on the carousel, twice, before she was done.

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by Juliemara

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”


Jordan, treasure hunting. She’s so good at cleaning up after herself, always helps when asked and loves putting things back in place.
Talia, concert in the go. My parents gave the girls a sweet vintage piano they thrifted.

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Road Trip Entertainment for Young Toddlers

by Juliemara

20130907-110406.jpgI think I might be an expert on toddler car travel entertainment. This is after we vowed to NEVER fly with the twins again, at least until they are 12, ha. The slinky is just one of about 40 possible activities I packed for the car, all in two reusable grocery bags. I hit up the dollar store and basement stash of toys for what to bring. We recently took a 7 hour car trip to North Carolina to visit my parents and the girls were rockstar travelers the whole way, there and back.


I got small cookie sheets from the $1 store, they make great lap art tables because the rim keeps crayons from falling away and it is magnetic so it can serve dual purpose.


books and a drawing pads are a great go to, the tiny drawing pad is from the $1 store.


I keep sunglasses handy for each kid in the car in case the sun doesn’t want to stay on the other side of the sun shade. I also keep sun screen at hand so that if the sun is hitting them during a particular leg of the trip I put a bit on the arm or leg or face, the last thing we need is a car sunburn.


tiny tupper wear containers can be endless fun, I put a block that rattles inside this one.


I thought silly putty would be great, and when Jordan discovered it in her busy bag (a cosmetic case of mine with a bunch of random small toys and objects) she said “pay-doh” but because of the nature of putty I had to help her put it back together every few minutes before it got embedded in the fabric of her clothes and car seat. I think we will put away the silly putty for a few more months.


These B brand keys were a gift from my aunt Joan, the girls loved them because they look real and make several sounds, it was a great new toy for the way back

My List

Road trip entertainment – 22 month twins
Four battery operated noise/motion toys
Small cookie sheet with coloring sheets, crayons, tape, stickers and magnets
Plastic nut and bolt
Touch and feel books
Books with movable parts
Tiny books
Cosmetic bag filled with random small toys.
Stuffed animals
Small Magnetic drawing pad
Silly putty
New fun sunglasses and bracelets
New books

And of course a few of their favorite music CDs and plenty of videos.


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The very first day of school

by Juliemara


















Talia and Jordan started preschool this fall. We chose a five morning a week program at a small religious based preschool. We were drawn to it because if the incredible warm teachers and staff and for us the Jewish based learning program was important. Despite being in a modular unit until the schools new building is ready in February, the classroom is bright and cheerful with lots learning materials on the walls. Just outside the girls classroom is an indoor “play yard”. The big room reminds me a lot of our home with toys lining the walls.
We woke early this past Thursday, got everybody dressed and ready, took our pictures and headed off to school. After the coaching we’d revived from the head of school at parents night on saying goodbye the first day quickly we thought our girls would hardly notice us leaving, soooo not the case. They did not want us going anywhere without them, through tears and clinging, we left and went to the parking lot. After several minutes I called the main office and asked them to check on the girls, they were fine. No crying, playing happily.
We went together to have breakfast and retuned after and hour and half. The girls were crying when we retuned but turns out had just started moments before, the rest of the time they had been fine. We stayed and played a bit then took them home early. The next day I dropped them off quickly and their nanny picked them up after lunch. Aside from a bit of tears in the morning the report was the had fun all day. And this morning when I asked Jordan if she wanted to go to school today she said “yes”. And this coming from the girl who says “no” to everything, that’s saying a lot.

On Talia: top, Mini Boden, jeggings, Old Navy, sandals, Saltwater.
On Jordan: top, Mini Boden, jeggings, Old Navy, sandals, Saltwater.
School gear: Blue owl backpack, Skip Hop, green backpack, go2hollywood, Elmo lunch boxes from Amazon.

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