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by Juliemara


I break easily, I hate it when they cry, I always have. I go numb and can’t do anything but wait until it stops or cave and go in to see what I can do.

Going in never does any good, they cry more and louder, they want out, they want milk. They will go back to sleep if we put them in our bed and give them the milk, but that means we don’t get a very good nights sleep and I’m sure they don’t either.

I wouldn’t mind letting them sleep with us, but it is a nightly occurrence, and always around 10pm, right when I am about to go to sleep myself.

They are nearly two, I know crying won’t hurt them, or maybe it will kill brain cells according to some experts. What I don’t know is how to get them to just sleep all night, every night, so that I can too.

Any suggestion?

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  1. Tracey permalink
    August 28, 2013

    It sounds rough. You are in a negative pattern. You need to establish a new pattern. It will be tough but you can do it. No nighttime visits to your bed, no milk either. There are plenty of “experts” to guide you as to how to go about establishing a new normal. You can check out scream free parenting, love and logic, positive discipline, etc etc etc. but bottom line… They are going to cry. And once you get through that everything will be much better. Till the next challenge comes along!

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