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by Juliemara


The girls are getting the hang of toddler birthday parties. They have figured out that a birthday means cake! We had two birthdays last weekend. Since we don’t give the girls sweets very often they go a little nutz when they see that they are about to get cake. But in the end they never finish the tiny piece we give each of them.

Talia definitely has a bigger sweet tooth than Jordan, but Jordan loves animal crackers. When I give them a small pile to share, Jordan hordes them.

Random Quick Toddler Tip:
Once kids get to about a year of age two piece pajamas don’t have snaps or envalope shoulders around the neck so getting a pj tee over a kids head can be a little tricky to do without upsetting the little ones. So here’s my tip, gather the shirt in your hands, stretch the neck a bit then turn it so the shoulder seams go over the head at the nose and back of their head, then turn it straight once it’s over the head. Neck holes are wider from side to side than they are from from the back. Hope this helps.

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