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2013 August | Smiling Watermelon
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by Juliemara

Sleeping Update.

Last night Talia woke at 10 because her lovey (security blanket) fell on the floor, she woke up Jordan. We went in, got them held them for a few minutes, gave them milk and put them back in bed, they cried for a while then went to sleep. At two, Jordan woke up crying, we didn’t go in, she woke up Talia they both cried then finally went back to sleep and slept until 6:30, which is pretty late for them.


Tonight Jordan fell asleep right away, Talia was crying so I went in changed her diaper and gave her more milk, I know, I’m a sucker, she went to sleep after a little more whining.


Thank you to everyone who left comments, ideas, experiences here or on face book and email, I really appreciate the advice and tips and knowing we are not alone in this.


Now back to my regularly scheduled but very late post,

yeah, whatever. That’s life. At least this is a spot where I can actually catch up, unlike the obscene amount of boxes in the basement that never got unpacked from our move two and 1/2 years ago, oh well. I’m really looking forward to that garage sale I will have one day.

Lots of changes and big things happening around here, a new job for me, a water leak in the basement, the girls starting school, among other things that I’ll save for later. Mostly good things, but things that take time and energy and priority to my little spot in the web.

So here is my portrait a week garage sale.

A portrait of my children





They love ketchup, on their food and on their face, the end of dinner means struggling to stay awake for bath.



Talia, lounging
Jordan, surfer girl




Talia, always smiling


All caught up!

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by Juliemara


I break easily, I hate it when they cry, I always have. I go numb and can’t do anything but wait until it stops or cave and go in to see what I can do.

Going in never does any good, they cry more and louder, they want out, they want milk. They will go back to sleep if we put them in our bed and give them the milk, but that means we don’t get a very good nights sleep and I’m sure they don’t either.

I wouldn’t mind letting them sleep with us, but it is a nightly occurrence, and always around 10pm, right when I am about to go to sleep myself.

They are nearly two, I know crying won’t hurt them, or maybe it will kill brain cells according to some experts. What I don’t know is how to get them to just sleep all night, every night, so that I can too.

Any suggestion?

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A week in the life

by Juliemara

Talia and Jordan have one more week of daily morning field trips before they start school in September! They are some lucky little people that have gotten to go and do all of the fun things for toddlers in atlanta. Here was all the fun they had this week.

Monday – Catch Air Sandy Springs, Ga

Tuesday – Toddler morning playgroup JCC Zaban Park

Wednesday – Toddler gymnastics JCC Zaban Park


Thursday – Bestie play date at Morgan Falls Park


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Season follows season

by Juliemara








I’m trying to clean out the photos from my phone to make room for the new ones. It’s the hardest thing todo, to delete these little moments. Most of them wouldn’t make good prints or even be much to look at years down the road in a photo book but its the blurry low light memories that are the hardest for me to purge. While the pictures seem to be from so long ago and girls have changed so much, the pictures only go back to the beginning of the summer. Some of my favorite days so far with the girls and my little family were this summer. Enjoying the outdoors (when it wasn’t raining) picnics, festivals and friends. I know we will have more days to remember but it still makes me sad that time passes so quickly and what was yesterday will never be again.

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The twins say…

by Juliemara

Jordan: “Stuck me”, any time she gets in a bind.
Talia: “Where’d Mickey go?” When the Mickey Mouse club episode ends in the morning while we are getting ready for work.

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My idea of a good time

by Juliemara


The birthday girl and her family and Talia and Jordan to the right, BOTH looking at the camera


The girls first encounter with Capri Suns.








The Birthday Girl and her pretty tutu.


Talia had a crush on Jimbo


Jordan to the left, Talia to the right


Talia catching those awesome Gymboree bubbles


Jordan stopping bubbles.
Partying use to be a very different experience than it is these days. Now a good party means the kids are safely entertained long enough for me to catch up with my mommy friends and drink most if not all of a bottle of water. Last year I loved all the one year old birthday parties we attended, it was some of the first times we got to see the girls interacting with other kids their age. This year the birthdays are less about the parents and all about the kids, it’s an hour or two of crazy toddlers bouncing off the walls, cake, singing, candles and Elmo and Abi usually make an appearance at some point.
A few weeks ago the first of the girls besties, Ella, turned two and threw an awesome party to celebrate. The event was at the kids indoor gym Gymboree. Talia and Jordan haven’t spent much time in Gymboree so the newness combined with the ability to run and climb and slide as they pleased was their own little heaven on earth.

Ella’s mom did a great job celebrating her big girls 2nd birthday especially considering she has a brand new baby boy too!

I can’t believe the girls second birthday is just two months away!

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Fancy Dresses and Sunny Days

by Juliemara

Jordan left, Talia right

There is a part of me that really wants to hire a professional photographer to take more photos of the girls. We haven’t had professional pictures done since before their first birthday. But they just don’t sit still and look at the camera. And I just couldn’t justify several hundreds f dollars for less that perfect, I much prefer less than perfect for free!

Fancy dresses and sunny days are two of my favorite things. I love going to weddings for this reason, there should be more reasons to get that dressed up in life. So until they no longer cooperate Talia and Jordan will be over dressed for as many occasions as they have fancy dresses. These dresses are two of my absolute favorites. My husband and I picked them out together before the girls were born from a discount store. They weren’t expensive at all, under $20 each. They each came with a matching diaper cover and bonnet. The girls never wore the bonnet. They are marked 9months, which may be why they were in the discount store since now at 22 months they finally fit really well. I’m going to miss the summer when it’s gone and dressing them in these light airy dresses. but I am hoping I can pull off tights boots and skirts, check out my inspiration here and here, although I’m a little nervous about how that will go with all the diaper changes. It’s too cute of a look not to try.

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A tiny space

by Juliemara

A little peak into our home.

My parents brought these new chairs for the girls, and from the looks of their excitement when they saw them for the first time they are going to have my same obsession for seating. They are a bit tall for the Ikea Lack table we are currently using but I knew they would grow out of this tiny bargain of a table quickly and it would need to be replaced with something larger as they grow. The lack table is a great size for the little tiny ones though and worth every penny of the $12.99.

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A mommy daughter outing

by Juliemara

Sunday mornings are tricky for activities. Not much opens before noon on Sundays and if its too hot or rainy the park is out. This past Sunday we took part in a fundraiser a dear friend told me about. It was held at a local art studio for kids. Talia and Jordan were probably a little young for it but don’t tell them that, they didn’t notice. They had a great time. They painted and stickers and colored and glued until they were covers to the elbows in shmutz (and some in their hair). Then when the art was done they lived the play section with the chalk wall, train table and bins of dinosaurs. During the arts and crafts segment I was so busy trying to keep paint out of hair that I wasn’t able to get many photos but I’m so happy I got a shot of my little peanuts in their art smocks.








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by Juliemara


The girls are getting the hang of toddler birthday parties. They have figured out that a birthday means cake! We had two birthdays last weekend. Since we don’t give the girls sweets very often they go a little nutz when they see that they are about to get cake. But in the end they never finish the tiny piece we give each of them.

Talia definitely has a bigger sweet tooth than Jordan, but Jordan loves animal crackers. When I give them a small pile to share, Jordan hordes them.

Random Quick Toddler Tip:
Once kids get to about a year of age two piece pajamas don’t have snaps or envalope shoulders around the neck so getting a pj tee over a kids head can be a little tricky to do without upsetting the little ones. So here’s my tip, gather the shirt in your hands, stretch the neck a bit then turn it so the shoulder seams go over the head at the nose and back of their head, then turn it straight once it’s over the head. Neck holes are wider from side to side than they are from from the back. Hope this helps.

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