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If I had more time…

by Juliemara






If I had more time I would do great projects with my kids and around the house and take beautiful photos of them and blog about it. If I had more time I would make interesting healthy beautiful food six days a week take photos of it and blog about it, if I had more time I would sew and garden and travel. If i had more time (and energy) I would go on more dates with my husband. But I am officially out of time, almost out of energy and the little bit of time I do have or that I steal while my husband is being dad of the year I use to replenish my energy. I have been thinking a lot about when, when the girls are old enough to do this or comprehend that, when we can travel, sleep in a little, worry less. Then I look at the face of the mom in the room of the teenager, and I can see that the worry, the rush, the guilt it never goes away, but she just smiles because she knows its all worth it. And so do I , I just wish I had more time.

Talia and Jordan are growing and learning so fast, they know more words than I could ever count. They say words that I don’t remember teaching them. I know it had to be me because its English, but I don’t remember. I wonder if I had more time if I would remember? Probably not.

Moms, did you have a set time that you spent doing something special when your kids were small? What was if? When was it?

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