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Rain Rain, Enough Already | Smiling Watermelon
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Rain Rain, Enough Already

by Juliemara









It has been raining all summer. We have had maybe two days with no rain. We have been pushing our luck and heading to the splash park and playground under cloudy skies just hoping that the rain will hold out until we have played and had our fun. We’ve been mostly lucky since these outings usually only last an hour or so. Only once have we had to run to the car and drive away slightly soaked. The rain is great for our grass and our neighbors first time garden is out of control, hopefully we will have such luck with rain when I get around to building that garden I keep dreaming about.

The pictures above were taken a few weeks back while we were at the lake with my family. The girls rain coats and matching boots were a gift from their great aunt Joan, my dads sister in law, you can find them here.

Last summer we would spend entire days by the lake north of Atlanta, the only umbrella we needed was for shade. We are hoping to get in at least one of these outings before the summers end.

Until them we will keep checking the weather, an most likely be home in time for naps and keep up with our visit to pet co and target to pass rainy mornings.




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