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by Juliemara




When the girls were born I felt like I had all this insight into babies and especially caring for twins. I learned so much in those early days from my private twin moms Facebook group that I felt compelled to take the time to share what I knew with other expectant twin moms. Having twin newborns is hard and any tip or reassurance that I could give to make another moms day go a bit smoother was well worth the hours of blogging. These days I have two kids at home, sure they are twins, but they are mostly just toddlers. I am certainly no expert on toddlers, there are about a billion websites with professionals writing to help you get through the tantrums, potty training teeth brushing. I read a lot of it, try some of it and usually give in more than I should. Jordan still cries to be carried around all the time, and about half the time I pick her up and take her where ever we are going. And while I know this is not only reinforcing the bad behavior it’s also showing Talia that whining and crying is the way to get what you want, eek. The girls started brushing their teeth around one, but even that has turned into a “I want the other toothbrush”, eat the banana flavored toothpaste, “I’m not done putting my feet in the sink and turning on the water” tantrum party. And as for the potty training, well the pee pee in the potty every once in a blue moon is nice but the more frequent accidents on the floor is not something I’m in the mood to deal with just yet, so the diaper will be staying on, indefinitely. I’m hoping once they can actually get on the toilet themselves they will figure out the whole potty training thing. Just kidding, but seriously, when is that?

So while I might blog now and again about the great things I find on the internet to do with toddlers or trips we take or major milestones, for the most part I need a little breather from the blogging. Feel free to visit and vote everyday, even without a post and I will be keeping up with the weekly portraits because I love them. If you want daily musings of the girls be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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