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Books We Read

by Juliemara

best_books_for _kids

I got to spend an entire week day with my girls yesterday, it was one of the most fun days I have ever had! I’ll post pictures of our day together later this week but today I want to share a few more of our favorite books we read with you. These three are ones that I loved when I was a kid and love to read to Talia and Jordan just the same.best_books_for _kidsbest_books_for _kidsPut me in the zoo is about an animal of some sort that can do tricks with it’s spots. My favorite trick it does is cover everything and everyone with it’s spots. It wants more that anything to be in the zoo so he can show off his tricks, but what he doesn’t know is there is somewhere even better for him to go.

best_books_for _kidsbest_books_for _kidsThe Little House I loved because of the way the illustrations showed the progression of a city’s growth. I have always been fascinated by how cities grew through time. Did you ever wonder why all the streets in Manhattan below 14th are curved and don’t follow the organized grid of the rest of the island? This little story will always hold a special place in my heart from loving reading it as a child to now having lived in a smaller town, then in the city and now practically out in the country, although I hope one day we will live on a grassy hill way out on the country side. I think Talia and Jordan will remember this story in relation to what they see in our neighborhood. Until a few weeks ago, on the main road leading to our house, there stood a little white house with green trim and next to it was a HUGE field. One day I returned from work to find the house gone, just a pile of wood and bricks stood in it’s place. Since then trees have come down and the grassy field has been dug up, although it’s not clear what will be where the plan is to build over 100 homes in that spot. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

best_books_for _kidsbest_books_for _kids

Corduroy is another classic story. I always thought he was one of the cutest story bears, I still do. Corduroy is a little bear who is waiting to be purchased from a department store. But he discovers he is missing a button to his overalls and goes searching for it. While it’s a sweet story about friendship it also teaches children that looks are not everything when it comes to what people have to offer you in life.

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