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2013 July | Smiling Watermelon
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If I had more time…

by Juliemara






If I had more time I would do great projects with my kids and around the house and take beautiful photos of them and blog about it. If I had more time I would make interesting healthy beautiful food six days a week take photos of it and blog about it, if I had more time I would sew and garden and travel. If i had more time (and energy) I would go on more dates with my husband. But I am officially out of time, almost out of energy and the little bit of time I do have or that I steal while my husband is being dad of the year I use to replenish my energy. I have been thinking a lot about when, when the girls are old enough to do this or comprehend that, when we can travel, sleep in a little, worry less. Then I look at the face of the mom in the room of the teenager, and I can see that the worry, the rush, the guilt it never goes away, but she just smiles because she knows its all worth it. And so do I , I just wish I had more time.

Talia and Jordan are growing and learning so fast, they know more words than I could ever count. They say words that I don’t remember teaching them. I know it had to be me because its English, but I don’t remember. I wonder if I had more time if I would remember? Probably not.

Moms, did you have a set time that you spent doing something special when your kids were small? What was if? When was it?

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Update! I’m waiting for the news, are you?

by Juliemara

If you don’t know by now Jordan Would like to announce the name of newest British Prince.

Princess Catherine reportedly went to the hospital in labor last night, I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girls and what name they choose!

If you have baby fever and just can’t wait to hear check out these beautiful photos of past royal family newborn babies.

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by Juliemara

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”


Discovered the best mode of transportation, Aba’s foot.



I’m a sucker for mid action shots, because they are almost impossible for me to get without being blurry. That’s Talia Mid-step.

Thanks to my sister for capturing this one during a cousins play date.


Happy Friday!

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Rain Rain, Enough Already

by Juliemara









It has been raining all summer. We have had maybe two days with no rain. We have been pushing our luck and heading to the splash park and playground under cloudy skies just hoping that the rain will hold out until we have played and had our fun. We’ve been mostly lucky since these outings usually only last an hour or so. Only once have we had to run to the car and drive away slightly soaked. The rain is great for our grass and our neighbors first time garden is out of control, hopefully we will have such luck with rain when I get around to building that garden I keep dreaming about.

The pictures above were taken a few weeks back while we were at the lake with my family. The girls rain coats and matching boots were a gift from their great aunt Joan, my dads sister in law, you can find them here.

Last summer we would spend entire days by the lake north of Atlanta, the only umbrella we needed was for shade. We are hoping to get in at least one of these outings before the summers end.

Until them we will keep checking the weather, an most likely be home in time for naps and keep up with our visit to pet co and target to pass rainy mornings.




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DIY Kids Body Paint

by Juliemara

















It’s known that toddlers love making a mess. It’s how they learn. I love watching my girls making a mess, I can see their little brain wheels spinning with delight as toys, food, water, pretty much anything goes flying in every direction. These two are all about a new adventure and experience and get into anything they can with a fierce passion. So when I saw this post on Modern Parent, Messy Kids blog, I knew this would be a perfect activity for my girls.

What you’ll need:

-a six muffin tin or something similar for the different colors.

-Corn Starch

-Food Coloring

-1 Inch Paint Brushes, I got these, they worked great and are easy to hold and clean.

-Warm Water

I recommend you have:

-An outdoor space


I loosely followed this recipe from the blog post but left out the milk. Here is how I did it, step by step.

Step 1 – add two drops of gel food coloring to each muffin tin section. Mix colors for additional variations. Here is a color mixing guide if you aren’t sure what colors make what.

Step 2 – in a separate bowl mix corn starch and water until you get desired consistency about three cups total is needed for six colors, I used approx 1 1/4 cup of corn starch to 1 3/4 cup of water.

Step 3 – Pour the corn starch mixture in to each muffin tin section , fill about half way, mix together with food coloring.

Step 4 – Have Fun.

Step 5 – Hose your children down before bringing them in the house.

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by Juliemara




When the girls were born I felt like I had all this insight into babies and especially caring for twins. I learned so much in those early days from my private twin moms Facebook group that I felt compelled to take the time to share what I knew with other expectant twin moms. Having twin newborns is hard and any tip or reassurance that I could give to make another moms day go a bit smoother was well worth the hours of blogging. These days I have two kids at home, sure they are twins, but they are mostly just toddlers. I am certainly no expert on toddlers, there are about a billion websites with professionals writing to help you get through the tantrums, potty training teeth brushing. I read a lot of it, try some of it and usually give in more than I should. Jordan still cries to be carried around all the time, and about half the time I pick her up and take her where ever we are going. And while I know this is not only reinforcing the bad behavior it’s also showing Talia that whining and crying is the way to get what you want, eek. The girls started brushing their teeth around one, but even that has turned into a “I want the other toothbrush”, eat the banana flavored toothpaste, “I’m not done putting my feet in the sink and turning on the water” tantrum party. And as for the potty training, well the pee pee in the potty every once in a blue moon is nice but the more frequent accidents on the floor is not something I’m in the mood to deal with just yet, so the diaper will be staying on, indefinitely. I’m hoping once they can actually get on the toilet themselves they will figure out the whole potty training thing. Just kidding, but seriously, when is that?

So while I might blog now and again about the great things I find on the internet to do with toddlers or trips we take or major milestones, for the most part I need a little breather from the blogging. Feel free to visit and vote everyday, even without a post and I will be keeping up with the weekly portraits because I love them. If you want daily musings of the girls be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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by Juliemara



Talia-It’s all about the accessories these days.
Jordan-sitting pretty.

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Happy Fourth of July

by Juliemara


We spent the holiday with my parents, sisters and some extended family at my sisters lake house. It was great to be there with everyone because my girls LOVE playing with their cousins. My sister kids 10, 8, 5 can entertain them endlessly and the girls squeal with delight at the fun they have with their big cousins.

While the west coast is dealing with record high temps on the east coast is just won’t stop raining. We have had seveer storms on a regular basis the past few months and today was no different. We got lucky, the clouds broke for a bit in the morning. We got to take a nice long boat ride,Fourth_of_july

Talia and Jordan really enjoyed it.


But by the time we were heading back the rain started falling, we had a sun shade that helped some, but we were pretty wet by the time we got home.


After a couple quick rain showers the sun came out again, we all headed down to the dock for a swim. Talia and Jordan played in the water for a few minutes then decided it wasn’t for them. The bigger cousins were jumping off the dock into the water. I was siting near the edge and another grown up was in the water just below me. Talia walked up the edge an pretended like she was going to jump, we all said good job, nice try. The next thing I know she is flying off the dock and landing in the water. I should mention we have a strict rule that kids are required to wear a buckled life vest at all times on the dock and boats, no questions or exceptions.
She was quite startled but totally fine, she didn’t even swallow any water, she wasn’t about to jump again but enjoyed getting everyone else to jump in on her command. The good thing about the storm/sun/storm/sun you never get bored of any one thing and the day seems to last forever. Which I am ok with.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday! Do you have a holiday tradition or do you celebrate in a new way each year?



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My favorite days

by Juliemara






















This week our nanny took vacation so instead of trying to find a full week of substitute nannies, I decided to take vacation also and hang out with my girls. I can now say my nanny has the best job in the world. We had so much fun! It was a bit of a challenge to keep them entertained and pack for our holiday trip. But we did it, and we had a great time! I can’t wait for my next day off.

What we filled our time with:
Glitter glue paint
Water table in the deck
Splash pad
Made cookies and decorated them
Made yogurt berry frozen pops
Played in a giant cardboard box
Played in the basement/playroom/our bedroom
Played on the play set
Jumped on the mattress
And learned how to use the DustBuster
I can’t wait for my next day off.

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Books We Read

by Juliemara

best_books_for _kids

I got to spend an entire week day with my girls yesterday, it was one of the most fun days I have ever had! I’ll post pictures of our day together later this week but today I want to share a few more of our favorite books we read with you. These three are ones that I loved when I was a kid and love to read to Talia and Jordan just the same.best_books_for _kidsbest_books_for _kidsPut me in the zoo is about an animal of some sort that can do tricks with it’s spots. My favorite trick it does is cover everything and everyone with it’s spots. It wants more that anything to be in the zoo so he can show off his tricks, but what he doesn’t know is there is somewhere even better for him to go.

best_books_for _kidsbest_books_for _kidsThe Little House I loved because of the way the illustrations showed the progression of a city’s growth. I have always been fascinated by how cities grew through time. Did you ever wonder why all the streets in Manhattan below 14th are curved and don’t follow the organized grid of the rest of the island? This little story will always hold a special place in my heart from loving reading it as a child to now having lived in a smaller town, then in the city and now practically out in the country, although I hope one day we will live on a grassy hill way out on the country side. I think Talia and Jordan will remember this story in relation to what they see in our neighborhood. Until a few weeks ago, on the main road leading to our house, there stood a little white house with green trim and next to it was a HUGE field. One day I returned from work to find the house gone, just a pile of wood and bricks stood in it’s place. Since then trees have come down and the grassy field has been dug up, although it’s not clear what will be where the plan is to build over 100 homes in that spot. It’s going to be interesting to watch.

best_books_for _kidsbest_books_for _kids

Corduroy is another classic story. I always thought he was one of the cutest story bears, I still do. Corduroy is a little bear who is waiting to be purchased from a department store. But he discovers he is missing a button to his overalls and goes searching for it. While it’s a sweet story about friendship it also teaches children that looks are not everything when it comes to what people have to offer you in life.

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