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26/52 | Smiling Watermelon
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by Juliemara


Talia, she learned to say something new “ah-wa-dat”, translation “I want that”. Really? We say please and thank you in our house some much I’m almost sick of hearing it, where on earth did she learn “I want that” we remind her to say please after and she does, quite well “Peeese”. But still we need to nip the  “ah-wa-dat” in the bud real quick. Talia is over all a happy go lucky while extremely demanding child. She gets in her head that she will do something and she will do it, even when I ask her not; to. Oh wait they both do that, maybe that’s just being a toddler.


Jordan has had a rough month as far as sleeping goes, she’s ended up in bed with us nearly every night. Most of the time it’s not until 5 or 6 (we try to get them to sleep until 6:30 or 7) but more than enough it’s before midnight. Jordan is not an easy person to share a bed with, she is not a very sound sleeper, she tosses and turns and kicks all night. This past week has been especially rough. Jordan started running a fever on Sunday, by Tuesday it was up to nearly 104. We thought it was from teething, which may have been bothering her as well, she was also extra sleepy, clingy and cranky all week. But when she developed a faint rash on Thursday I did some research and though it to be Roseola, a virus that just has to run it’s course. So the sleepiness and crankiness was merited. I decided she needed to be seen by the doctor just to be safe, they agreed Roseola, not much you can do but wait. Kids are so resilient she never completely acted sick, she would be cranky and snuggly or lazy one minute and running around like a little crazy person the next. The rash only lasts a day or two, it’s not itchy, it’s just there. Now we are just waiting the arrival of two final teeth, whoooo, maybe then sleeping in our house will become a more regular thing.


And so it’s here. The second half of this year. It’s a little sad to think of it like that, I’m not a big fan of time passing so quickly. One one hand I want to hold on to my little babies and make them stay little. On the other hand I want them to start using words to express how they feel and sleep all night in their own  beds with out waking us up at all hours with bone chilling screams. I’m anxious to switch them to the toddler beds I bought for them before they were even born they are so cute! And I am itching to redecorate their room to be more toddler fun, but at the same time I am hesitant to make the bed switch. The doctor suggested they stay in the cribs until they are closer to three. And there is the chance that if we switch them, then instead of crying for us in the middle of the night, they will just get out of bed and come to our room, probably not a better situation. Or worse go wander around the house and throw who knows what into the toilet (none of the child safety locks we have tried for the toilet have worked against the determined little hands of Talia and Jordan).

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