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Summer Time Snack

by Juliemara


I love summer. I love the heat and the humidity and the long days and the trips and the holidays and the fruit.  Summer fruit is sweet and juicy and makes a mess, which is why you need to just go outside and stay there. I have always loved Brie cheese, since I was a kid. I use to sneak a wedge of it into the shopping cart at the grocery store. I like it softened in the microwave and spread on whole grain crackers, this ritual never changes. What does change season to season is the fruit that accompanies it. Sometimes it’s grapes, sometime green apple, but right now it’s cherries. Cherries are at their peak right now, and they are delicious. A little sweet, a little tangy, juicy and crunchy. There just one drawback to these bite size goodies, that annoying pit in the middle. Until this year I would eat a few grapes here and there, I never saw a reason to actually own a cherry pitter when we only ate cherries for a few weeks a year. Now I understand, when you have kids (especially ones who eat cherries) you will do anything to make your life easier. A cherry pitter will do just that. If you have cherries in your fridge and don’t have a cherry pitter, get one, today. Amazon has the one I got.

I promise you will use it all cherry season long and when the summer is over you can use it to pit you kalamata olives all year long.

Make sure you are wearing clothes that can get messy and aim away from you or anyone else, pitting cherries can be messy business.


Talia and Jordan like cherries, sometimes they will eat a bunch, sometimes none, so I always have a back up snack of their favorites. Havarti and grapes with whole grain crackers.



What is your favorite summer treat?

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