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Toddler Activity – shucking corn

by Juliemara










I found a great link on Pinterest of about 1000 things to do with your toddler, I didn’t pin the actual link so now I can’t find it, but there are so many out there maybe you will find another cool list. Of the 1000 on the list I saw, some are obvious, some are too messy, and a lot are really similar but there was one that I thought sounded like so much fun.Corn Shucking! I loved shucking corn when I was a kid,, I still do, although now I do it as fast as possible at the grocery store to get it done and get out of there. But when I read on this list, that corn shucking is fun for toddlers I left the whole ear in tact and brought it home. It took some explaining and demonstration but the girls go really good at it, and they were very meticulous with the little hairs on the inside. The only part that I couldn’t get them to understand was that it needs to be cooked before eaten. Than bunch of corn all had little bite marks when it was served with dinner.


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