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A summer time sneak peak | Smiling Watermelon
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A summer time sneak peak

by Juliemara


The weather here is Georgia can’t make up its mind. A couple of weeks ago it was warm and sunny and we spent the whole weekend outside barefoot and coated in sunscreen. Now it’s chilly and rainy and really windy and has been for too long. I moved to Georgia from New York for the weather. No really I did, that and to be closer to my family. When I first moved to Georgia it NEVER rained, really, never. People joked about it but it was actually quite scary. It was the middle of a three year drought. The past three years have been a very different story, Atlanta is now ranked as one of the rainiest cities in the US. Even still the weather is better than in the North. For the most part our winters are mild, spring is beautiful and warm, fall is the same and the summers are sweltering, which I love. We spend our days outside every chance we get.


When it did finally warm up enough to play outside I found a great new toddler activity, ICE!


I emptied the ice from the catcher into a large bowl and set it out on the deck. The girls played for ever, until the ice was melted at least. When in does warm up again we will be playing the bowl of ice game again and again.

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  1. May 9, 2013

    They are so cute!! What a fun activity, will have to try that when the weather warms up!

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