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Toddlers Are Scary

by Juliemara

It’s like they are on a mission to hurt themselves and it scares the day lights out of me, like heart skip a beat, I suddenly learn how to fly, scared. The first time one of my children fell down the steps it was my fault. I left the gate from the deck to the yard open – first mistake, and next thing I knew Talia was standing on the second of seven steps. crazy_toddler_twins

I screamed her name – Second mistake, it startled her, made her loose her balance and I watched and screamed in horror as she rolled down the remaining steps and landed face first on the stone pavers at the bottom.  She rolled like a log rather than head over heel, but still, scary. I picked her up as she was screaming, barley a scratch on her and cried myself, for a while, longer than she did. Since then both Talia and Jordan have fallen more times than I can count, on their hands, heads, ears, mouth, face, knees and arms. They walk into things with out watching where they are going, they hit their hands on door frames, they trip and fall, they roll off the couch, stand up under the table, try to squeeze their hands into drawers that are child proofed and get them stuck, slip on wet floors (because they dumped their water out),  and get scared when they climb up too high to get down themselves.


While I still get mini heart attacks every time they play on the couch and try to prevent falls and bumps as much as possible, I have learned not to react. Usually they cry out in pain, and quickly get up, shake it off and move on. Every once in a while they come to me and need a hug. Recently I saw Talia fall while out on the deck, not down the stairs, just on the deck. I was inside watching from the window so I went to the door when I saw her coming and got down on the floor to give her a hug. She sat in my lap for a minute. I said “you ok?” she said “kay” and nodded and was off to play. Jordan got the first real scrape of the two, on her knee. skinned_kneeskinned_knee

It was the first time in shorts for the season, she was running on the driveway, tripped and scraped it. For scrapes or cuts we just clean it with water if necessary and put Neosporine on a few times until it starts to heel, then we switch to vitamin E, I learned that from my big sister, it helps to reduce scaring. Vitamin E is good for pregnant bellies too, it helps reduce getting stretch marks. Her knee is almost healed now. And just yesterday while I was changing Talia’s diaper on our family room station Jordan close by stepped on a toy and hurt her foot. I told her to come here I’ll kiss it, so she hobbled over and did a standing split so I could bend down to kiss her foot while changing Talia’s diaper. While I know it’s unlikely, hopefully scrapes and bumps will be the worst we ever have to deal with.




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