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by Juliemara


We have a very regimented bedtime routine, it starts with dinner time.
6/6:30 dinner
7 bath
After bath the girls get their milk while we are putting their diapers and lotion on. They usually drink about half their milk and start being crazy.


Running around, screaming and yelling, climbing and jumping on whatever they can. It usually takes us about 10 minutes to get their pjs on them. Then they play for a few minutes. A few minutes before 8 we sit with them on the couch and read a story while they finish their milk. When the story is done we head to the bathroom to brush teeth and then straight to bed.


Talia and Jordan are smart little people they know the routine and they know what the next activity is and when it’s coming. So each night around 7:45 the girls stop being crazy and start playing calmly and quietly by themselves. It’s like they know that if they are quiet I may forget they are still awake. Sometimes I let them play a few more minutes but when they start rubbing their eyes and laying their heads down on Mr. Bear, I know it’s time for bed.







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