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15/52 | Smiling Watermelon
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by Juliemara





52_project_twinsIt’s Friday! Yay! i love Friday’s because it means I get to spend the next two days doing only fun stuff with my family and friends! It’s suppose to be really beautiful here in Atlanta this weekend so I am hoping we get to have some friends over to enjoy our backyard and some yummy grilling. And I can assure you that lathered on everything we grill will be a layer of Sabra Hummus, our favorite kind.  Yes, Talia and Jordan eat Humus, they love it, they devour it by the spoonful. I’m ok with it, it’s a great source of protein. And they are getting so good with their spoons and forks. They even dip their schnitzel  (breaded and fried chicken) in the hummus, just like Abba! To let you in on a little secret, when I make the schnitzel I add a bunch of ground flax to the bread crumbs, offsets the whole friend aspect of the dish. And when I am feeling really health conscious I bake the breaded schnitzel instead, tastes just as good.


By the way, in yesterdays post Jordan was sitting on the blue chair, and Talia and performing in front of her.


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Have a great weekend.

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